First Base American Idol

Let the rumors begin. According to MLBTR…Nick Johnson and Mark Derosa are already on the trading block and their respective teams are listening to offers. Now im not a GM(but i did stay in a holiday inn last night ;p) but i believe omar has got to snag one of these guys asap. I know Omar has expressed his content with the way the team is now and that he has always “envisioned” Daniel Murphy to play 1b(even though the last few years murph has been fielding OF and 2b) but from the way it looks so far, Daniel Murphy may never really get the chance to play and learn 1b enough to really hold down the job indefinatly. Again i hope this changes as 1b is a dark hole in this teams depth and Daniel Murphy would be the logical choice, but seeing how manuel says things and does another…get your cellphones ready and text
Mets01-For Aubrey Huff
Mets02-For Nick Johnson
Mets03-For Mark Derosa
to Omars Blackberry for YOUR new First Baseman.
(check with TRS86 for omars number since he seems to know it ;p)

17 thoughts on “First Base American Idol”

  1. I would love for Omar to not wait. There is no reason to wait. We know what we have in all our players at this point. Sheffield is really the only one we dont know what he may do but you have to air on the side of not expecting much. Omar needs to swoop in and grab Nick Johnson. If healthy hes perfect to spray the ball around Citi!! I think its worth the gamble.

  2. Yet another great post Dirty. I am going to see if I can move my post to yours and get rid of some of the clutter.

  3. I would love to see Omar get creative and see what it takes to get a player like Todd Helton. He is off to a hot start on a team going nowhere in their division. His contract is an albatross and with the Mets having seemingly bad contracts in Castillo and Oliver Perez ( I know they won’t trade Ollie), Castillo may be a match. Delgado at 12M and Castillo at 6M roughly equals the $19M owed to Helton in the next year. Colorado also has many OF, as Seth Smith, Fowler, Spilborghs, and Hawpe. I have to imagine Hawpe can be had at the right price.

  4. They have Quintanilla and Barmes, both of which have no business on a major league roster. I would not want either, and I would prefer Cora at 2B until the season ends.I believe O-Dog, Polanco, Figgins, and Felipe Lopez are all FA 2b in 2010. And it is not like Castillo’s production vastly exceeds Cora.

  5. Yeah at 36 years old. I would pass. He hits for average but power has been gone for quite a while. And he plays in Colorado.

  6. I believe his road numbers have always been comparable, but yeah totally agree on the power outage. As a gap hitter, he intrigued me for Citi field, especially since Coors plays pretty similarly.

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