Game Thread: Mets (21-18) vs Dodgers (28-13)

Record: 2-1   ERA-3.38  K-13  BB-7  WHIP-1.44
Record: 2-1 ERA-3.38 K-13 BB-7 WHIP-1.44
Record: 3-1  ERA-5.59  K-23  BB-12  WHIP-1.53
Record: 3-1 ERA-5.59 K-23 BB-12 WHIP-1.53

Time-10:10pm  Temp: 76 sunny
Time-10:10pm Temp: 60 sunny

Mets Lineup:

Jose Reyes, SS

Luis Castillo, 2B

Carlos Beltran, CF

David Wright, 3B

Daniel Murph, 1B

Ryan Church, RF

Ramon Castro, C

Angel Pagan, LF

Livan Hernandez, P

Dodgers Lineup:

Juan Pierre, LF

Rafael Furcal, SS

Orlando Hudson, 2B(questionable)

Andre Ethier, RF

Russell Martin, C

James Loney, 1B

Xaiver Paul, CF

Casey Blake, 3B

Jeff  Weaver, P

Game Notes:

  • Weaver is 2-1 with a 6.10 ERA in five career games against New York, which he hasn’t faced since 2006.
  • Hernandez is 9-13 with a 4.42 ERA lifetime against the Dodgers, including 4-2 with a 3.57 ERA in eight starts versus them since the start of the 2005 season.
  • Los Angeles’ Rafael Furcal, batting .207 with 11 strikeouts over his last 12 games, is 22 for 66 with four homers, a triple and three doubles lifetime against Hernandez.

125 thoughts on “Game Thread: Mets (21-18) vs Dodgers (28-13)”

  1. Just have to say guys – you’ve done a great job with this blog and the forum in a little over a day. Good info, great graphics, love the topics.

    As always, LGM!

  2. Watching the pre-game on SNY…
    First 10 minutes was all about Murph getting the start at first.
    Have to say, I’m a little worried about this. Virtually no experience there for a rookie whose fielding as a whole (both minor and ML level)leaves something to be desired.

    I hope he does well. But more realistically, I hope he’s just less of a liability there than he was in left.

  3. hey guys, since i think were splitting the traffic now between here and the forum, can someone put up a post here too just asking for opinions on the domain name, unless someone comes up with something mind blowing, will win and we’ll try to get it setup ASAP

  4. Interesting stat they just gave.
    They’ve been averaging 6 runs behind Livan on the mound and haven’t made an error when he’s pitched yet.

      1. thanks for letting us know. Well, another setback….. I hope they did not rush him and cause a greater injury

  5. is anyone else completely sick of Reyes popping balls up? I don’t mind when he hits a HR from time to time, but line drives! LINE FREAKING DRIVES!

  6. Gary just telling all there playing with one ump short right now. Late scratch so there is no first base ump.
    They’ve called up a minor league ump but he’s yet to arrive.

      1. Pretty much my same thought.
        If only Cora wasn’t fond of that head first slide. I HATE those.
        And you know I had to look it up on some analytic web site talking about the difference between head first and feet first slide. I would have bet the ranch there is no advantage, time wise. Apparently, there is something to getting there quicker b/c of the momentum.

  7. come on livan…
    so, i’m gonna be at the game in Boston on Friday…i’d like to have them win this prior

    1. im on firefox as well..there is a short delay but i had that on metsblog too…have no idea why that is

    1. O.K. thanks.
      And yes – had that problem on Metsblog but not all the time. Like once every 20 refreshes and/or posts.
      Sometimes, I had to kill the session and sign back in. At least a half dozen times during the game – lol.

      1. Right now it’s him or Malo. Reyes has played a little SS I think. He is some how hitting better and at least has learned to take walks. I am guessing it’s either he or Malo.

      1. LOL, have you seen my post? Dirty is here for creativity. I just suppy sheer numbers. Quantity over quality baby.
        As for the cost, right now this one is shhhhhhhh free.

    1. You could see this coming from a mile away. The Mets team just doesn’t deal with injuries well. Somehow they always screw it up. Read it on tomorrow.

  8. This is starting to remind me of first half of last year. After 1-2-3-4, (when Delgado was moved down to 5) that was about it for offense.
    Now, we’re down to Wright and Beltran the only consistent offense.
    Jose needs to gt going, Church out of that slump (and that double was a good start), Pagan hopefully will contribute.

  9. Dirty, side note. I set up a Story page for you. I thought it would be neat if both of us discussed either a Met memory or the reason we became fans. You can edit it from the pages link.

    1. And they showed him hobbling down the dugout stairs.
      Gary/Ronnie says this does not look like it’s going to be a one day thing.

  10. Off topic:
    I’m using Firefox. There seems to be a little delay after clicking ‘Submit Comment’ then there is on the Ish forum.

    Anyone else noticing that?
    Could be just me. I think I’m overdue for some maintenance on this desktop I’m using right now.

    1. You guys are starting to make me feel bad. I’d like to help but I’m the least creative person you could ever run into.

      Reading one of the posts on the forum about splitting the cost of the web site though. I’d have no problem contributing to that fee.

    2. I will certainly be trying. If my results are lousy, I assure you it will be because I don’t know what I’m doing, not because I fell asleep or didn’t care. I’m into it, I’m just lacking experience/knowledge. There will be something, however amateur, here later. I’m not participating in the during game chat because I find it distracts me from the game, I rarely did at the other place either. I’m actually scoring the game so I have a better fell for it. Worst case, I will copy and paste a box score.

    3. lol its making me a grumpy employee lol…dont blame ya real…me and grave will hold down the fort ;p

    1. Does he even play short? I thought it was just second.
      If he’s not a cracker jack SS – and how could he be since he only plays a fair second base, there is no point, b/c his bat adds nothing.

    1. It does distract some. On these west coast trips though, helps me stay awake thru the whole game – lol. 5:30am comes early after only a few hours sleep.
      Actually following along on sbnation/amazing avenue tonight too. Good for game posts but a little light on between game posts.

    2. It really is easy Grave. The site does it for you. You should see a place that says new post at the top. Just click it and play around. There really is no pressure. I will be right back at it at 7:30 and it’s not like anyone is awake then anyway. Have fun man. This is supposed to be just for the hell of it anyway.

  11. Man, if Jose and Castillo can step up while the Tron and Wright are on, we can survive without Delgado.

    Beltran for MVP

  12. And those not watching SNY..
    Looks like Jose is coming out of the game, according to the booth. Says Jerry doing the line-up card thing right now.


    1. Thanks for the ‘no pressure’ as I am a bit nervous, and definitely feel free to edit or remove anything I do as you see fit (I was playing around earlier, and thought I’d made a post, but was able to delete it), and of course any ‘notes’ you have in the morning on what I do later will be appreciated.

  13. And you know, they should have just DL’d him to begin with. Now they probably will and it will be another 15 days.
    This is not going to be fun. What a difference a week makes.

    No Delgado, no Jose, no Cora. Starting to remind me of how they were going down like flies in left field last year.

  14. Dirty, I hope Grave comes through. I may be done for the night. This West Coast trip and 5:30 mornings is making me one grumpy teacher.

  15. I watched “Eight Men Out” last nite for the first time ever. The movie about the Black Sox scandal. Highly recommend it. Nice to be able to comment as I can’t do it on my own blog.

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