Ladies on the bus…..

“Gangstas in the field…Ladies on the bus”


One of the many quotes jerry Manuel used to reel us in after we have suffered the types of years that nobody could have imagined in this age. The mets these days have lost their annual (it seems) key component to a season that seemed destined for retribution. While I still have faith we can still accomplish our goal, the mets will have to adopt a different image and have to play a different type of game to do a lost art it seems these days…”manufacture runs”. People often wonder why the Philadelphia Phillies have so much success without having really any big names to their club. The answer is very simple…role players. The Phillies have mastered the art of getting the most out of average players such as victorino (feel free to vomit), werth, dobbs and Pedro feliz. I believe the mets have to modify their strategy to incorporate role players to surround what is left from a power driven core. In short…Manuel needs to let these ladies off the bus and give them their “G” back.


22 thoughts on “Ladies on the bus…..”

  1. Completely agree Dirty. Great first post as well.
    I thought Church and Murphy could be those players. Maybe they could be but there is no way Manuel will ever allow that.

  2. Murph at 1b or in AAA, Church in RF, Shef in Left, until something better arises.

    Please get Angel Pagan and Ramon Martinez off my team as soon as possible. If we are want an offensive black hole at 2b, we might as well call up Argenis Reyes as he is excellent on defense at least.

  3. I really dont think The Mets need to change any image. The last couple games we lost was mainly due to mental mistakes and people playing out of position due to injuries. Losing streaks WILL happen. Hell, a team that wins 100 games is considered great, I guarantee you they have a few losing streaks in those 62 games lost.

    Im interested to see how this Murphy at 1st experiment goes, but it shouldnt be permanent till Delgado gets back which I think will be by late season. I really urge Omar to make a move for Huff. Shouldnt cost too much, seems like a leader, and puts up adequate numbers.

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