Murphy 1B is all yours, for now… uh… maybe for sure tonight…. I think.

According to Jerry’s interviews TODAY, for now he sees Sheffield in LF, Church in RF and is going to give Murphy the chance to play 1B while Tatis and Reed are backup OF. 

In theory Murphy will be given the chance to to succeed at 1B before the Met’s make any major moves.  If he fails I expect to see Tatis back at 1B and a move made.


17 thoughts on “Murphy 1B is all yours, for now… uh… maybe for sure tonight…. I think.”

  1. Man, I am hoping for no errors tonight. this team has horrendous defense, and we should be a good club defensively.

    It seems from that conference call, that Omar has pretty much ruled out (for the most part) any acquisition for 1B. What if Delgado returns, but totally sucks. Someone that old cant possibly recover fast and carry the team like he did 2nd half last year.

    Hope Murphy does well enough tonight to get more consistent starts.

  2. I hope he gets the start….
    I know he will mess up eventually but i hope they stick with him here…

  3. This is the decision that should of been made last week. I would rather see Murphy get a shot then to see them do something drastic like push FMart too quickly. They need to give Murphy a chance though. I’m sure a lot of the mistakes that he is making and the slump that he is having is due to the short leash Manual has been giving him.

  4. TRS, in case this Murphy fella doesn’t work out at 1B, your boy Nick Johnson just stole a base, so I guess his legs feel good!

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