Rumors: DeRosa?

According to John Heyman over at the Indians have DeRosa on the block already.  He thinks the Met’s are interested, however have Nick Johnson and Aubrey Huff ahead of him.

While DeRosa is versatile, do we need another jack of all trades or someone who actually plays 1B or LF everydaDeRosa?y?


8 thoughts on “Rumors: DeRosa?”

  1. DeRosa is coming off a career year and stinks this year.

    .240 .310 .410



    286 .342 .457.

    Not worth it.

  2. Agreed…Definitley dont think he is the answer. What we need is a big bat. Omar is, and I actually have faith in him on this one, Has to make moves based on Delgado never playing another game as a Met. Just like he did with Wagner. Yes it will be great if Delgado comes back in 10 weeks and picks up right where he left off, but at his age there is no guarantee. Need a big bat…end of story.

  3. Someone yesterday tried to compare ARod’s quick recovery and said theres no reason Delgado cant have a quick recovery as well. Also stated that there is only a 3 yr diff. btwn them. Ummm, there is a HUGE difference btwn 36 and 33.

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