Should it be

NL East Chatter
NL East Chatter

So, I do think were mainly on board with the new NL East Chatter site, would be the address.  Being I think we now have a split group at the temporary forum and here on the Real Dirty Met’s Blog, I wanted to cover as much ground as possible.

I do believe by first thing tomorrow AM, I will go ahead and register the domain and begin working on things over there.  We will need help, specifically:

  • People to make more images, like the one above given by BobbyV2010, which is awesome
  • Possibly web developers, since that will only make the site better
  • Fans of rival teams, in the NL East to blog and chat here on the site, without being angry and destructive about the other teams in the division
  • Administrators for the forum site
  • Great insight, see above.

Anyway, with all these things, we should be very successful.  But if anyone has a problem with the name above, speak now, or forever hold your peace.  Remember, we want this to be about all of us fans, so I want to give equal opportunity here.



2 thoughts on “Should it be”

  1. This will be really nice when it comes together. I’ve been looking for something that took the type of commenters that Matt had and brought them to a better collection of articles.

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