So how did/does it come to this?

RamonAs most of the regulars on the ole blog know I have been an Omar supporter as well as the Wilpons.  I am not a big fan of Jerry and grow more and more angry with him daily.

However, how is it that the team with the highest payroll in the NL has a lineup that looks like this?

Reyes, Murphy, Beltran, Wright, Church, Martinez, Reed, Santos, Pitcher

I understand the injury to Delgado.  But did we expect him to be healthy all year?  This is NOT a competitive lineup and SOMEONE is to blame.


18 thoughts on “So how did/does it come to this?”

  1. By the way, with Queen’s last comment we just tripped 100 comments on the site. (Although a lot are my own LOL) Take that Matt.

  2. I agree and unfortunatly gotta call out the elephant in the room…omar. He had to know that theres a chance gado will be injured and did nothing for 1b depth. I dont buy that murphy was always his 1b pick bs…they should have groomed him for that a LONG time ago.

  3. Speaking of Matt, very unusual that the website has had comments off all day. I wonder if this because he is revamping it, or if he is getting rid of the comments section permanently. Of course, we wouldn’t know it either way since Tweeting and video mailbags are much more important at this time than his readers. Information trickles in much slower, probably due to a lack of other writers manning shifts where Matt is tweeting, living otherwise, or commuting

  4. Took me forever to get an account set up here. Couldn’t re-register with the same name. Couldn’t pick a different one with the same email address. Had to create a different email address and went back to original name – lol. Technically challenged….

    Last year, even with all the injuries, I felt better about the subs then I do this year. Hopefully, they step up to the plate but it’s not looking good so far.
    Santos is more than adequate. But bench players playing a regular role is starting to wear thin….

  5. Feel free to make a post about this, but found this on Cot’s baseball contract. Look how much payroll is coming off the books next year.

    Mind you, we will need a C, 1B, LF, and RF most likely.

    Biggest highlights in Delgado, Wagner, Schoe, Marlon, Duaner, Putz(most likely), Church(most likely). This does not include Arb amounts that will likely due to some players but that should be minimal increases.

  6. My comment is: Im confused!! IDK why with the second highest payroll ware fielding this team. I just wish we didnt have to worry about making a trade, this lineup, our manager, etc, etc this early in the campaign. Boo boo boo

  7. I know we arent hitting any homeruns this year and with Delgado out the numbers will be down even more but its amazing how many players in the league have 9,10,11,12 HR’s
    Obviously HR’s arent the end all be all but we need some pop. Yes Beltran can get hot and hit 4 in 4 games. But as far as a consistent guy who hits them regularly…now that would be nice. If we cant get a guy like that because they are out there please lets get Nick Johnson and take our chances with him getting injured. He is a sweet hitter: smart,disiplined, patient. We all know his obp is great. OMAR that is the move you need to make now!! Reminds me of Olerud in alot of ways and he is actual may be better.

  8. Is anyone going to listen to Jerry Manuel on Francesa in 10 minutes??? Im going to miss it but was hoping maybe someone caould post the highlights. Supposedly Francesa is going to challenge him a bit.

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