The Lineup

By George…I think hes got it??!!

line up card

Jose “The Professor” Reyes, ss
Luis “Slappy” Castillo, 2b
Carlos “The Tron” Beltran, cf
David “Never Wrong” Wright, 3b
Dan “The Man” Murphy, 1b
Ryan “Church on Wednesday” Church, rf
Ramon “Shrek” Castro, c
Angel “Flap your wings” Pagan, lf
Livan “I love you Miami” Hernandez, rhp


9 thoughts on “The Lineup”

  1. Does this suggest that Sheffield is still ‘sick?’ Interesting with Murph and Churchie back-to-back. This might have been one of the nights to experiment with the pitcher batting eighth.

  2. Hey Dirty, do we want this to be the game thread? I was thinking maybe of posting both lineups and the pitching matchup. Something I wished the old blog did.

  3. It does not matter. I was trying to find some good info on the starting pitcher matchups until I saw Manuel’s quote about no more LF for Murphy.

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