What to do with 1B?

Assuming that you don’t enjoy seeing Reed trot out there every night at 1B when we are supposed to be competitive, what should the Met’s do to solve this issue?

There are some obvious directions the Mets could go.

1) Go with what we have and put Tatis at 1B, Sheff in LF and Church in RF.  Murphy either stays to be the primary sub or goes back to AAA to learn ANY position.

2) Sign a scrub that did not get picked up like Richie Sexson.  I don’t know if he has been working out or not.

3) Trade for a lower level or cheap 1B option like Nick Johnson, Aubrey Huff or Chad Tracy.

4) Trade for an upper level 1B like Victor Martinez.

5) Solve LF and let Tatis play 1B full-time.

What do you guys think?


12 thoughts on “What to do with 1B?”

  1. At this point I think our best option is #3, quickly. We can’t have a guy that can’t hit and has no clue at the position. Jeremy Reed makes NO sense for 1B. I can understand Tatis, Murphy, Sheff but Reed?

  2. I think 3 would be the best option. Reed is terrible option at 1b. What I am really surprised by is that no one is discussing Minaya realizing just how wrong he was not going after a LF or 1B. Minaya glanced over players such as Dunn and Abreu, and I am wondering if this is a mistake or if it means the Mets are saving that payroll for a midseason acquisition or saving 1b for a free agent in the coming offseason. Since the options are fairly limited I am not sure Minaya knows what he is doing.

  3. PS WTF is wrong with Metsblog. Do we think Cerrone finally figured out the comments section needs to change?

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