Your New NYM Tag Team Champions

With Delgado out until the ASB(or longer), its nice to know that we still got big guys on this team that do big things. Over the last 10 games David and Carlos put up some really crazy numbers:

David Wright- .361 Avg/.454 OBP/.544 SLG/10 SB/3 HR/28 RBI

Carlos Beltran- .361 Avg/ .461 OBP/.570 SLG/ 6 SB/ 6 HR/ 28 RBI

If Manuel can find a way to have these guys drive in runs and give them the green light to steal, I believe we can stay afloat in this division until Delgado comes back or Omar pulls a rabbit out of the hat trade for a 1st baseman. This team has a lot of weapons and one that I wish they would get back to is the run game. David Wright had 5 SB in the SF series, HALF of his season total in one series. This is a running team and I hate to bring it up but Willie installed that aspect of our game in his time here. I hope Manuel was taking notes..


11 thoughts on “Your New NYM Tag Team Champions”

  1. Those are impressive numbers. Maybe the Road Warriors? A tribute to my youth and wrestling.
    I think we have got to get them someone to hit behind them to drive in runs.
    For my part it should be
    Reyes, Castillo, Beltran, Wright, Sheff, Church, Tatis, Castro.

  2. Speed def. kills but with Delgado gone, this team is missing that key component. I dont think the Mets can hang for long with the roster the way it is and I hope Omar makes a move for a 1st baseman sooner rather than later.

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