????? According to Matt ?????

This is the story that Matt just posted at Metsblog.com

Earlier this week, I was forced to temporarily shut down the comment section on MetsBlog.com.

According to traffic history and old and recent surveys, less and less people are reading my blog’s comment section, and more and more people feel the current level of discourse reflects poorly on the overall blog.

The thing is, during much of the first four years of MetsBlog.com, long before my affiliation with SNY, and long before site-wide sponsors, the comment section had been a place where Mets fans would respond to me and my work with intelligent, relevant statements and criticism about what had been written in that specific post.  I enjoyed the feedback, as it was respectful and thoughtful, and I often received compliments from other readers and other blogs about the insight people gained from peeking in on this section of the MetsBlog.

In the last year, however, the comment section has changed in to a place where only a small, inclusive group of 30 or so readers mostly speak to and among themselves, often creating their own discussion, separate from the topic at hand.  In other words, the comment section has become a message board.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with message boards, but they are different from a blog.  They are two totally different forms of communication, and serve different purposes.

As a result, old school, original readers of MetsBlog.com, who were once very engaged years ago, eventually turned away from the comment section, only reading what I write to the main page, which is a shame.

So, I am now working to create a parallel space on MetsBlog.com that can serve as a more relaxed, open environment for people to vent, discuss topics and exchange ideas among themselves, while returning the official comments section to an special location where a trusted group of readers can respond to the topic at hand.

I believe such a switch back to the way things were will help realign the very-public comment section with my blog’s overall brand, while also creating a new location for people to have open and honest discussion about the team we all love.

Thank you for understanding, and for your patience as I work to make these necessary adjustments,

So what do you guys think about this story?  Please let me know.


66 thoughts on “????? According to Matt ?????”

  1. even if this works out, as someone mentioned on the forum, how do we get the other commenters over here? We need to grab them, because who knows at this point how long it takes to get a comment section up

  2. I think Matt feels like he is being undercut. I don’t know what has brought this feeling on. I understand his sentiment that the comments were being used more as a message board, but did he ever think about why people came to his site. I liked to be able to do both. I disagree that the comments section was only a message board though. Most of the time we fed off of Matt’s stories. This is a shame. I really liked Matt, but I don’t know why he has decided to force some of his fan base away.

  3. I have no idea what he is even talking about.
    How would that even work? A select group of trusted group of readers? Huh? How would that work? Would he be like the Gestapo running around and saying you are no longer in my favorite 50?

  4. Im confused based on the following by Matt: In the last year, however, the comment section has changed in to a place where only a small, inclusive group of 30 or so readers mostly speak to and among themselves, often creating their own discussion, separate from the topic at hand.

    1: No one needs to click on the comment section if they dont want.

    2.Whats the difference if we start by talking about the post and then continue and move on to talk other Met issues?

    I dont know what he means?? Can someone explain?

  5. Of course ppl are going to respond to each other. What the hell is the difference what ppl talk about? Is it the fact that there are too many comments and its harder for Matt to maintain the site as a whole??? I dont understand

  6. What…the…fu@k? If youre so keen on making your blog different from a messege board then DONT ALLOW PEOPLE TO WRITE COMMENTS IN THE FIRST PLACE! What the hell? He just turned a good thing into something ugly. Thats the only word that came to mind. And I thought the mess was with the team itself.

  7. I can see where he is coming from. I will even go so far as to suggest that most of “us” here are among the “30 or so readers” that he is referring to. If that is indeed true, then it is a win-win situation. “We” get to have a mets related blog that “we” like and use as “we” see fit, and he gets to own and operate his mets related blog the way he sees fit. I apologize if anyone reading this does not appreciate me lumping them into this category, it’s just my opinion.

    In my opinion, while often the discussion in the threads there did have to do either directly or indirectly with the initial topic, it also often sidetracked into discussions of favorite bands or questions about people’s personal health or travel plans and at worst into name calling insult festivals that were at least in part essentially a “core” vs “old guard” sort of battle which despite nobility of purpose, did fill the threads unnecessarily. I can see his “message board” point and I am neither offended or insulted by it. I am also quite happy to have found a niche to share my mets related thoughts with a group of people who (at least pretend to) appreciate them, and do so in a way that I enjoy.

  8. I think it’s weird how Matt has turned this into drama. It’s like he’s battling with us. Even when he was posting on -ish. Strange stuff. I really respected Matt, but this whole thing seems like a showdown. Awkward.

  9. I think we have a good thing here. I dont like the way Cerrone spurned us the way he did. I highly doubt seeing myself support that site again. As trs said, is there going to be some sort of Gestopo(sp?) running around deciding who belongs in the “elite 50”. I think that will get messy and I wont support it. Then again, who am I.

  10. Re-read his post. I think he’s trying to say his vision on what he started, what he wanted it to be, has completely strayed. I’ll agree with that, especially over the last year.

    So I guess he’s trying to decide how to get it back to his ‘vision’.
    Some of that has to go back on him though b/c he used to participate, and with what his job has morphed into with appearances and radio talk shows, he doesn’t have time. And that’s probably where it all fell apart for him. I only emailed him once and it was to complain about a particularly offense poster one night who was rude, crude and completely out of control. I didn’t get an answer, which was fine, and never saw that poster again. I can only assume he was banned.

    Thing is, part of his success with that site is what led to it. Reading other baseball blogs they don’t seem to have the following his does. Fewer posts and very few are what you would deem ‘regulars’. Hence less of a problem for things to get out of control.

  11. So he finally comes out his shell and this is the reason he gives. What a load of crap…you know what thats called..LAZYNESS! He disregarded the comment section and it got out of control. Instead of taking the easy way out and taking care of the matter(banning rediculous posters that were creating the enviornment matt is describing) he just let it keep going. I wonder if its coincidence that he decided this AFTER several of us decided to go somewhere else. I dont agree with the way matt handled the situation as i believe he could have handled it MUCH better, but it is what it is. The guy has a business to run and thats cool but as far as this “new site for comments” is nothing more than what we have here. The difference is i think we have a better quality of posters from metsblog and i think we are going to do great with NLeastchatter.com. I cant wait. Matt works his butt off to get information..cant knock him for that but as far as the comments and so forth..ill stick with what we got here.

  12. ok, fellas. Im out. And we thought it was going to be a slow day huh? ; ) Anyway, gotta final to take. Wish me luck.

  13. now this is interesting
    “So, I am now working to create a parallel space on MetsBlog.com that can serve as a more relaxed, open environment for fans to vent, discuss topics and exchange ideas among themselves, while returning the official comment section to a special location where only a trusted group of readers can respond to one another, me and the topic at hand.”

    “I believe this change will help realign the public comment section with my blog’s overall brand, while also creating a new location for fans to have an open and honest discussion about the team we all love.”

    you mean…the public or the “section” of the public that matt deems worthy of posting in his comment site…since when has matt been so contradicting and exclusive of other fans that come to his site. Not to mention the 30 of us were the ones who probably KEPT coming to your site and make it active. What a slap in the face to people who made your comment section “interesting”. I guess his true colors are coming out….

  14. Hey all, it’s:

    Charlie –> casey s. –> charlie_s and now charliebfree.

    i’m glad you guys did this. matt made a mistake today. i’m not going back to metsblog unless he changes course.

    glad you guys took matters into your own hands!

  15. Matt was getting a lot of crap, he is not in the position to control it, so the easiest thing to do is close it. I get it, he’s just being a baby about it. If he’s getting sponsors, and getting roles on tv then it’s his responsibility to get control on what he is giving up. Moderators are a good thing. I say weird ass crap all the time to be a jerk and once in a while I should get modded. But to say only a select company can comment completely takes away the experience of giving a space to demonstrate fresh ideas. Those same people are going to get bored of each other pretty quick and I personally would rather read comments where I can contribute instead of being an outsider.

  16. grave, nice to see you here.

    Guys, I’ll be glad to be a member of the New Metsblog Order.

    I look forward to making this site what it should be, an information and discussion blog. Not a freakin news reader.

    Later Bitches.

  17. I don’t have time to make a post about it but the Brewers solved their middle infield issues. That takes them out of the running for DeRosa.

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