And we got a winner…

Indians Spring Baseball

according to MLBTR:

Mets Interested In Mark DeRosa

According to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse, the Mets have been talking to the Indians about acquiring Mark DeRosa.  With Jose Reyes‘ injury last night, Price says “now that move makes even more sense.”

What would it take to get DeRosa, who is hitting .255/.322/.427 in 174 plate appearances this year?  First off I’d guess full relief of the $4.1MM still owed to him.  Beyond that the rumor yesterday was pitching that could help the Indians this year.


58 thoughts on “And we got a winner…”

  1. hmm… he was actually playing well in WBC and they were talking about how versatile he is. If only he was hitting better…

    DO you think Putz is gonna be involved. Wood has been pretty bad and Putz has not exactly been lights out for us. We have Parnell and Stokes has been awesome so far. ANy thoughts?

  2. BTW, nice job with the updates. This site is going to be pretty darn good. As soon as finals are over, next week ,if you need any help, let me know.

      1. its called mismanagement…a problem the mets have had for years and unfortunatly its catching up to them sooner than later…hopefully we can find a way to salvage this and im afraid it would have to be via trade.

  3. My fear is that we overpay. I don’t think they would want Putz. I think they will want Parnell. Still want DeRosa? Go get me Jack Wilson as a salary dump.

  4. Putz in the deal would make perfect sense. He wants to close and badly. I think Parnell can step up and Stokes has looked very good. The only thing I fear is Parnell burning out. He’s young and it may very well happen if he’s utilized beyond his limit. I wasnt a fan of DeRosa but with Reyes looking at the DL its a must act scenario. Get him.

    1. We all agree. The problem is we are not Omar. There is a lot of pressure for the Mets to make a trade and a lot are pushing DeRosa. I don’t want to see them give up Putz but if I had to chose between him and Parnell I am keeping Parnell.

      1. i hear ya but the guy will be a FA after this year. Id take Derosa now imo and after this season sign nicky and potentially have derosa on our bench as a super sub or something like that. IDK his injury history is very troubling to me but im sure he is DYING to get out of there.

    2. and theres nothing wrong with what your saying but if the offense cannot score runs and if our big bat is going to be out for that amount of time and who knows if he will be the same when he comes back, its no point in having an awsome bullpen. This is the problem when your a buyer…at the mercy of the other team. The indians dont have to accept any trade we offer and they name the price.

  5. By the way, trs. If I wanted to plug this blog into the url box, what do I put?

      1. i hope not..i mean he has played i think 3 now solid seasons w/o any leg issues. I dont think this is serious but will be nagging..

  6. Ok so lets explore the Putz idea a little further.
    What if it was Derosa and Betancourt for Putz? That brings back in the idea of a salary dump for the Indians and gives them a possible closer next year if they pickup the option of Putz or possible compensation picks.

  7. No way I trade Putz. Come on people, we can’t count on Parnell. Putz is tried and proven, Parnell has shown promise but pales in comparison to Putz.

    Plus, I don’t see what he adds to the team. Isn’t he another Tatis?

    If Reyes goes down for a while, I’m okay w/ whatever defensive SS we can call up. Having a hitting SS is a luxury, not a necessity. I’d much rather have some good D in the 6 hole than an errors machine, especially w/ neophyte Murphy at 1st.

    1. I can’t stand another day of watching Ramon Martinez bat. I’m going to cry if they go into another 9th inning with the catchers spot, then two guys who shouldn’t even be on the roster, let alone playing.

  8. Listen there is no way Omar touches the bullpen. We need Putz We need Parnell. Have we already forgotten about the last 2 seasons. Omar dont touch the bullpen!!

    1. Agreed. Very disheartening. A caller on the Fan said it best. He was old school, 82 years old and said he demands a MLB ready player to be playing when he watches the game. He doesnt want his hard earned money going to players learning on the job. That is what the minors are for lol. I know the state of the game has changed in that regard and the Mets arent the only team that does this. But his point was interseting none the less.

  9. I know its exciting to talk trades and a fresh face is always welcomed. But we need all the arms in the bullpen we can get. Putz can not go anywhere! Parnell is great. I am a big fan but he hasnt even gone around the league once yet. I think its safe to say its a bit premature to hand over the 8th inning to a guy who still is working on his secondary pitches as well. Lets give him some time please.

  10. This problem is eerily like last season. Omar made (in my opinion) reasonable back up plans for many positions, but wound up having to go much further down the depth chart to ultimately fill them. Now Delgado is gone, and Nick Evans has mysteriously regressed, and with Reyes possibly out, Cora is also down. The trend is bad.

  11. I really hope they find out good news on Reyes and Omar can go about concentrating on improving 1B with a big bat or the Outfield with a big bat whichever way he decides. Cmon Reyes jeez!

  12. Yeah doesnt it feel imminent we will hear of a trade from Omar very soon like within a few days. Hope he earns his extension right here with the upcoming moves.

  13. I’ve been looking over the Indians payroll. Would Jhonny Peralta (who has been partially bumped from SS to 3B recently) be useful and attainable? Here’s his contract:

    06:$0.5M, 07:$0.75M, 08:$2.25M, 09:$3.4M, 10:$4.6M, 11:$7M 2011 club option ($0.25M buyout)

  14. I really really feel we need Nick Johnson on this team. maybe he can teach some players how to be a sucessful hitter. His hitting is so solid

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