FINALLY..I can sleep again..

stressed-out businessman


Heres to the end of 10pm games unitl August(San Diego). These games are tough on a mets fan and I for one am glad its over. I can deal without seeing dodger blue for a while but the only thing is the next time we play them, they will have Manny back. Until then i look foward to a much earlier bed time and drinking less coffee to make it through the day than that guy lol.


9 thoughts on “FINALLY..I can sleep again..”

  1. Mornin, fellas. Another rough night. Anyway, whats the deal w. the new blog? Is up and running? Whats goin to happen to this one? Why does my tie have a stain on it?

  2. Love these graphics you’re putting up with the posts..

    I think it’s a foregone conclusion Reyes goes to the DL. And along with most others, I believe we’re in trouble. We had a nice backup in Cora until he decided to use that head first slide. Now, we’re in trouble.
    No Delgado, no Reyes, no Cora. Only bright spot is Murph looked pretty good at first last night. Now if he can just get his bat back on track.

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