It's like Deja Vu All Over Again


Game 1

June 5th:

Final: Padres 2 Mets 1

Met’s Record: 30-29 4.5 games back

Pelfrey 6 innings 1 run

Reyes 2/3 walk

Castillo 0/3

Wright 1/4

Beltran 1/4

Delgado 0/3

Schnieder 1/3

Chaves 0/2

Schoeneweis gives the walk off blow with a HBP.

Game 2

June 6th

Final: Padres 2 Mets 1

Met’s Record: 30-30 5.5 games back

Reyes 1/3

Castillo 1/4

Wright 1/3

Beltran 0/3 walk

Easley (in for Delgado) 1/4

Tatis 0/3

Schnieder 1/4

Chavez 2/4

Johan gives up 2 including 1 unearned in the 6th inning.

Game 3

June 7th

Final: Padres 2 Mets 1 10 innings

Met’s Record: 30-31 6.5 games back

Reyes 0/5

Castillo 1/5 walk

Wright 1/5

Beltran 1/5

Delgado 3/4 walk

Tatis 0/4

Chavez 1/2

Schnieder 1/2 2 walks

Feliciano gives up a walk off HR to Hairston on a 3-1 count in the bottom of the 10th.


11 thoughts on “It's like Deja Vu All Over Again”

  1. they were last year, I was at the Hairston walk off game…to be fair, they lost the next game too… I think that one was lost by a home run off Wags by Clark

  2. Is it safe to say yet JJ Putz is far from the lights out closer converted to 8th inning guy we thought he might be?!? Does anyone see anything from him that makes them optimistic? If his stuff was amazing and he was getting touched up i would say OK but I am not impressed. That fastball I dont care if it reaches 95 it doesnt look like it has any movement and is extremely hittable. His delivery doesnt sneak up on you like some pitchers who only throw 90 but hitters say it feels like 95! Um…not our Putz. Oh well Parnell looks good but it is his first time through the league

  3. Those comments Putz made a couple weeks back is really manifesting into something. Did you see that reaction he had had against the Giants where he closed the game? Thats the “This is where I belong!!!” reaction. I wouldnt be surprised if he’s traded by the deadline.

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