Mets Have A Day Off…..Finally


Just what the doctor ordered. Maybe this is just what they needed, some time to review those mean scouting reports for the upcoming series. Mets have a showdown on Friday Night at 7:10, Johan vs Dice K. They are going to have to put up one hell of a gameplan together to even stay competitive against the Sawx because they are on a mission this year. Yes papi has been struggling(he hit his first homer last night) but there is no let up in that lineup execpt for lugo…this age’s Murderers Row. I hope Jerry optimizes their time and puts it to good use(fielding,base running,situational hitting) because lord knows we are going to need it in Red Sox Country. Lets just hope our cousins from the Bronx can do us a solid and take some air out of that big red balloon.


4 thoughts on “Mets Have A Day Off…..Finally”

  1. Man…only 2 games above at this need to panic but just when you think this team is about to take off and play consistent baseball here we are! I really hope we dont fall back to .500 after that nice win streak. During a season you need a few of those streaks but afterwards you cant have such a drop. I think we need a trade rather quickly. Thank god Philly only leads by 1 so we have a small small window to operate but dont forget everyone was saying a few days ago…dont panic we are in 1st by 2 games. Things change fast!

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