Registration has begun: CELEBRATE!

Its official, the $9.95 has been paid and the Interet will now be propogating the DNS Records for our domain (if you don’t understand that gargon, it means that people need to know how to find our new site!)

When its up and running, i’ll setup all the new stuff, and what not…

also, i’m testing an idea here of putting in a link to a forum topic as well as having comments, its manual for now, but maybe eventually automatic for certain topics

To discuss this in our temporary forum, follow this link


7 thoughts on “ Registration has begun: CELEBRATE!”

  1. hey guys…for getting other teams involved, what about seeing if Tim Dierkes from MLBTR will put out a post for us once were closer to being up and running? I’m sure we’d get a bunch of other fans like us!

  2. Wow really cant believe the comments section is still off. Matt really did everyone dirty…I mean not even a post abouyt why? You guys acted quickly and right on time..the ironic thing is first thing this morning when I logged on at work i came to this site before MetsBlog!!

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