Odog taking it to the Mets

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During the Telecast of last nights game, Vin Scully said that Orlando Hudson grew up near Brave territory. Vin went on to say that Odog caught alot of Met games during his youth and found himself rooting for the Mets. Vin went on to say that Orlando Hudson considers himself a “Met Fan”. Now im not trying to start anything because frankly there was nothing Omar can do regarding this situation due to the fact Orlando was looking for 10 mil a year when Omar was talking to him. Omar was shopping Luis contract but there were no takers…shocker. All im saying is this guy signed a one year 3.39 million dollar contract with the Dodgers and will most likely be a free agent next year(just like another dodger). I wonder if Omar will consider this guy if his price doesnt go up so much from what the dodgers are paying him. Just a side note for Hudson…you dont gotta do the Mets like that man!! That play you did on Reyes was overkill….cut us some slack man, your supposed to be one of us lol. Take one for the team ;p.


3 thoughts on “Odog taking it to the Mets”

  1. Yeah, Dirty I think there is a real possibility here. Remember, however, Hudson will make much more than the 3.39 million this year after incentives it will be closer to 8. That being said Castillo will only be owed 12 million, for sure manageable.

  2. Ahh Dirty… Can you let me get over the fact the name on the jersey most days at Citi Field in the bottom of the 1st reads CASTILLO!!

    O-dog 2010!!

    Lets Go Mets 2009!

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