Poll about old comments and new venture

Hey everybody,

Cerrone just posted that he will be addressing the comment section later today, how do we all feel about this?  More importantly, how many people will still support and help our fan venture grow?


26 thoughts on “Poll about old comments and new venture”

  1. I intend to stick around here. It was only one night, and it didn’t go smoothly for me, but I did enjoy being more actively involved (with the post game), and hope to continue as long as ‘real life’ allows me to, and as long as you guys will have me. Many of the people with whom I’ve enjoyed exchanging thoughts and ideas over there have migrated here and/or to ‘ish,’ and I hope they’ll stick around too.

  2. yeah, i am not going back either. All the people with any real insight and thoughts have left the “other” site, and i am glad to leave behind all the drama queens and whiners.

  3. all good to hear….well, the great thing is the new site will be a community where we can more or less do what we want..new features (as long as they exist) etc…
    so i see good things in our future

  4. Dirty and Mrose. I was thinking about changing the domain name of this site to match the name of the site and it will require me to transfer the information. Mrose, do you think I should wait until you are ready for us to transfer to your site?

  5. I’ll support, but wonder if down the road the same will happen here (you should be so lucky). I think you guys have to discuss ownership and all the other bs that goes with it. Basically, who’s in charge? I’d hate for this to be a one man (or small group) dictatorship. I’d rather this be a collaborative effort, in the real sense of community, not the you guys do the work, but I’ll make the decisions and the money sort of thinking.

  6. Seriously. I have been logged in the whole time reading the posts but I have not commented because I did not watch the late games so I had nothing to say.

  7. Busy day today so haven’t had much time to read and post.
    But I like what you all have done here and I’ll continue to come here no matter what happens over at the ‘other’ blog. I might still participate over there from time to time. Have to see what he does with that comment section.

    I see in that last poll he put up asking about the comments section that he said ‘like I mentioned earlier’….I didn’t see anything earlier about that comment section.
    Truthfully, that’s the #1 thing I hated. Not the mis spelling, or the facts that weren’t quite right, nor some of ‘fan base’ who posted who were down right annoying…..it’s the way it’s run overall.

    I don’t think he has time anymore, he definitely has no IT skills and he’s too stubborn (or my assumption anyway) to get help. So we’re left with format changing right in the middle of the post, or some browsers working/not working alternately, and refresh sometimes hanging the seesion. There is no moderation whatsoever, and half the links on the side are not working b/c the site is not valid anymore or whatever. It’s too big anymore with everything he’s got going to manage what once was a great site. Why wouldn’t you get help????

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