5:41pm: Joe Cowley and Toni Ginnetti of the Chicago Sun-Times are reporting that sources close to Peavy say that he has notified the Padres that he will not accept a trade to the White Sox.  Peavy talked it over with his family and decided not to make the move.  Manager Ozzie Guillen admitted he was surprised the Sox were willing to take on the $60MM commitment


6 thoughts on “REJECTED!”

  1. I posted this earlier but I’ll say it again here: I’m curious to see what the San Diego Padre fan reaction is to this, will they be happy to hold onto their ace or angry that he set their rebuilding back?

  2. so he wants “middle america” and NL. Well as long as anyone in the NL east is out, I really dont care where he goes. If the Cubs ever get him, that is a pretty solid rotation.

  3. At this point any discussion of Peavy trades should be filled with Brett Farve and Michael Vick. I can’t stand these no trade clauses.

  4. Unrelated, Joba Chamberlain leaves after 2/3 of an inning, having been struck by a batted ball while on the mound. I didn’t actually see it so I can’t say how severe the contact was.

  5. The only reason I care about this is because it affects the number of teams competing against the Mets for SP.
    Like I’ve said before, though, it’ll depend on whether Pelf, Maine continue to improve and whether Ollie fixes his knee/brain.

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