Speaking of future Mets…

alg_martinez-bats.jpgFrom Toby Hyde’s wonderful http://www.metsminorleagueblog.com/

At ESPN.com, Jerry Crasnick wrote about nine prospects who could see the Majors in 2009 and make an immediate impact.  He placed Fernando Martinez at #7 on his list.

There are also industry rumblings that he’s older than 20. No surprise there.

“There’s a lot to like,” an AL talent evaluator said. “But you’ve got to play him every day. He can go in and out of approaches, so he’s not the type of hitter who can play two days, then take a day off, then pinch hit, then take another day off. You need patience with him, and I’m not sure that kind of guy fits in a stretch run.”



5 thoughts on “Speaking of future Mets…”

  1. oh great every dominican from the dominican republic will have that black cloud over them….
    Anyway i totally agree. That kid needs playing time right now since he was hurt for most of the last two years. We would be rushing him by brining him up and expecting him to produce at this level. Idk i just want less pressure for when he comes up than now where the mets are in crisis mode. I dont want another milledge incident in that he was brought up way too early and it hurt his trading value and im sure his confidance….fmart will be here fulltime soon enough, lets do it right this time.

  2. FMart was 2-4 with a double and a run scored today. After the game he stands at .293 BA/.344 OBP/.558 SLG.

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