The Injury Report



I just thought this was a funny picture(;p). Here is the lowdown on the walking wounded

  • Carlos Delgado– May 19 1B Carlos Delgado is expected back in uniform in 10 weeks, GM Omar Minaya said. Dr. Struan Coleman performed arthroscopic surgery on Delgado’s right hip Tuesday morning in Manhattan to repair a labrum tear and address a bone spur. Minaya said he’s content plugging Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy at first base in Delgado’s absence. “I see the combination of Tatis and Murphy as full-time guys,” the GM said.
  • Alex Cora-May 21 INF Alex Cora had a splint placed on his right thumb Wednesday and will be re-evaluated by Mets doctors in 10 days. Cora has a torn ligament that may require surgery. He estimated he’d be sidelined for six to eight weeks.
  • Jose Reyes-Following the game, Jerry Manuel told reporters that Reyes and the team’s trainer will likely fly to New York tomorrow to have his leg examined by doctors
  • JJ Putz-Last night, Putz told reporters he is now dealing with a stiff neck, which he described as a ‘nagging thing,’ according at the Daily News.
  • Oliver Perez-May 19 LHP Oliver Perez is scheduled to throw 75 pitches on Thursday in an extended spring training game in Florida. Perez is on the disabled list with right knee inflammation.
  • Brian Schneider-May 21 C Brian Schneider caught an inning and had an at-bat in an extended spring training game in Florida on Wednesday before it was rained out. That signals that Schneider is getting closer to a return from the disabled list. He originally landed there with a muscle strain in his back but since has experienced recurring calf trouble.

9 thoughts on “The Injury Report”

  1. I just can’t believe what a difference 7-10 days make. As little as 10 days ago, we looked good, pitching was more consistent, offense was scoring runs.

    Now….well, gulp.
    No Delgado, No Jose as I’m sure he’s headed to the DL too. No Cora. And the only two hitting consistently is Wright and Beltran. This isn’t going to get it done.

    I’m thinking now we should be hearing for a trade sooner rather than later. Will be interesting to see what Omar thinks the most important piece is we need. Pitching? OF? backup middle infielder? First base?

  2. something has to be done. I dont think we will do too well in the Boston series either. Im thinking either we get swept, or we win one at the very least. That sucks, I had such high hopes in the wake of the Giants series for this road trip.

  3. I think our team is still very solid. Playing Murphy at first (which turned out delightful defensively) was long overdue. If Sheff gets well and can pick up where he left off in SF we’ll be doing fine. I’m very worried about Reyes though. Wow, how many injuries can we have at once?

  4. I’m sorry I wish I could agree but to say our team is very solid is a bit of an over statement. May we be able to survive and battle with this team? Yes possibly but a trade is imminent. I just hope Reyes isnt on the DL for an extended amount of time and Omar has to focus on getting a backup for him, instead of a big bat and possibly a pitcher.

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