The Man Up Players For Last Nights Game

man up

  • First up is Daniel Murphy. There were alot of eyes on this kid coming into this game to see if he can handle 1b and Mr. Murph delivered. Many people asked for it and we finally got it…and what a show this kid put on at 1st. Granted its a small sample size but that kid looked REALLY comfortable last night and made some really nice plays. While this unfortunately did not translate to success at the plate, he did play a hellova 1b and gets a Man Up Award for sure. Dan “The Man” Murphy defiantly silenced alot of critics. “Im Daniel Murphy and i play 1st”
  • Second up is Livan Hernandez. Livan almost made his job look effortless at times as he turned back the clock to go 7 innings and only allow 1 run and 1 walk. Livan had 2 k’s the last being the most important as it got him out of a jam in the 7th to finish off strong. Its unfortunate he couldn’t walk away with a W because he sure as hell deserved it. I hope he can settle for getting the Man Up Award for last night. Livan “I love you Miami” Hernandez shut down the dodgers pretty good last night…maybe next time buddy for the W but good job buddy, keep putting those other #5 pitchers to shame.
  • Third up the tag team champs Carlos Beltran and David Wright. This is a no brainer. These two guys are really on fire. Beltran drove in the mets only run with a double and proceeded to go 2-3 with a walk. His tag team partner David Wright didnt have a shabby night either going 1-2 with 2 walks. These two are the only reason the mets have a shot every night but they cannot get the job done by themselves. This is a team effort and while these two are laying the smack down on their opposition every night, they are going to need someone else to step up and help deliver the finishing blows. Carlos “Da Tron” Beltran and David “Never Wrong” Wright with out a doubt earn a Man Up Award for last nights game.

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