Under The Radar…

In light of the potential blockbuster deal with Jake Peavey (he has not decided yet), I wanted to speculate about Adrian Gonzalez. Now I know people have thrown his name in and probably the Mets don’t have enough to trade him but I want to address the other side of the argument. A lot of people say that the padres have no reason to trade Adrian and they may have merit to that looking at his contract:

07:$0.5M, 08:$0.75M, 09:$3M, 10:$4.75M, 11:$5.5M club option (no buyout)

My counter argument is the padres got a kid by the name of Kyle Blanks in the minors. He is 6’6 285 pounds of hurt and is one of the top power hitting prospects in the minors. He is 22 years old and has already hit 8 HRs in the minors. Now we all know the padres if peavey accepts the deal probably won’t be competitive for quite some time. It seems unlikely that the padres would trade Adrian its not like they don’t have an option for the future. Again I agree it does not seem likely that the padres would trade Adrian but having a prospect like that in the minors must open the door at least little bit. San Diego is currently 18-22 and 10 games out of first which in that division with the Dodgers, its pretty much safe to waive the white flag.


12 thoughts on “Under The Radar…”

  1. Before today there was a slight chance of SD entertaining offers for Gonzalez. Now with Peavy appearing to be heading to “Middle America”, theres absolutely no way theyll trade him now. San Diego isnt known for baseball anyway and to lose their marquee pitcher and their marquee hitter will only attract grade school kids on a field trip.

  2. I wish that was the case. Now what if I turned core on you here. Would it make sense for a Reyes Gonzalez trade. I am not saying I would do it, however would that make sense?

  3. I would not think Reyes for Gonz could happen during the season. However, in the offseason if we don’t make the playoffs? Who knows?

  4. If we were able to snag gonzo for reyes
    we sign odog
    when havens is ready we promote him up
    we woudl have an infield of
    1b gonzo
    2b hudson
    ss havens
    3b wright


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