What am i doing here???

Mets Spring Baseball

At what point does Ramon Martinez ask himself…what am i doing here? In 12 ab in the major leagues this year, he has 1 rbi and not a single hit. He has already commited 2 errors at SS. I hate to pile on a certian player but its gotta be tough being Ramon Martinez. We all know he is up here because the most intellegent ballplayer in the game Alex Cora is also out on the DL but i find myself asking….is this the best we can do? In all the minor leagues, we dont have a single infielder that can contribute besides Ramon. I like omar and I have defended him on many occasions but im begining to wonder what was his contigency plan for the worst. If Ramon Martinez is it, i think we are in for a LOOOONG stretch of games until guys start coming off the DL. Now as Met fans we should all remember the rash of injuries in 2008 and we were able to get within one game of a playoff berth, so theres no reason this team with an improved bullpen cannot do it again. What worries me is the future of this ball club and if things really do get worse before better…the ball boy will be more useful than the talent we call up to help out.


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