Where will Derosa Play?


Ok so we know from this morning, the Mets are eyeing Derosa. Now we all know Derosa is pretty much a jack of all trades..being that he has played every position except catcher and pitcher, but i wonder where will he truly play. Cora will be back in 15 games so he can cover the infield and Murphy looks to get more time at 1b after his great performance last night. I would assume then that since Tatis would be the reserve 1bman and successor if Murphy doesn’t work out, then Derosa would have to play the outfield. If that’s the case…should we be shopping for an outfielder that would start over Sheffield/Tatis/Reed? Now i know Derosa has the advantage in that he plays both the IF and OF but i wonder if there is an outfielder that’s available that we should be looking for instead. Time will tell and Omar is defiantly under pressure but strategically speaking…You have Murphy as your starting 1bman and Tatis to back him up/Reyes will be back in a few days and so will Cora to back up the infield..im starting to lose the reason why we are trading Derosa in the first place. Yes i know people will say because they have to see Ramon Martinez in the lineup but…Cora should be back in a few days..what do you do with Derosa when that happens??

Quite possibly our biggest pursuer for Derosa’s services the Brew Crew, This is what “Brew Crew Ball Blog” has to say about that:

“Meanwhile, we continue to discuss options at second base. The Indians are looking to deal Mark DeRosa, but want big-league ready pitching in return, and the Brewers don’t have a lot of that hanging around, unless the Indians would accept someone like Tim Dillard or Seth McClung. As of this writing, 62% of voters in this poll would prefer the Brewers stick with internal options. Casey McGehee started at second and went 2-for-3 with a double and a walk last night.”


9 thoughts on “Where will Derosa Play?”

  1. I was under the impression that Cora was expected to be out for 6-8 weeks. Has there been an update on that?

  2. The lineup is so decimated, I feel they just need to hold the fort. It’s just too bad there isn’t any young minor league’rs ready to step up (I feel FMart needs more time). Hopefully later in the year a big bopper will be available and the MEts will still be in contention.

  3. “A downbeat Cora, meanwhile, told me he is considering surgery to repair the torn ligament in his right thumb — a procedure that would sideline him at least two months. A determination on surgery will be made Friday in New York.

    Cora said that wearing a splint instead of surgery was a possibility, although he isn’t expected back anytime soon no matter which option he chooses.”
    From the NYPost.

  4. Regardless of Cora’s timetable, DeRosa’s versatility allows for him to play almost anywhere. I think that’s what makes him the best acquisition, for when Reyes/Cora/Delgado return, he can be shuttled around the diamond and won’t become redundant.

    Given the past, we can expect Sheffield to break down due to age, Church to suffer a concussion, and Castillo to at best require regular rest, so there will be playing time for DeRosa.

  5. I can’t see Omar going after an OFer, especially with Angel back (he showed he can still hit) and w/ F-Mart likely to get a Sept. call-up.

    If anything, Omar should consider a MI, unless he believes A. Reyes or R. Martinez can provide better D. W/ Reyes and Cora’s injuries, there’s no guarantee that it won’t rear it’s ugly head later on in the season. So, I’d prefer added protection.

    Let’s just hope, Reyes takes it easy on the bases and that the rest of the team picks him up.

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