White Sox, Padres Agree To Peavy Trade

Holy Crap

Jake Peavy

Thanks to Mlbtraderumors for the info:

It is apparently a four-player offer, which would presumably gut Chicago’s farm system.  Peavy would have to approve any trade and according to Krasovic Peavy is telling people that the trade is “something to think about.”  However, Krasovic says Peavy “may have reservations about pitching for Ozzie Guillen.”


29 thoughts on “White Sox, Padres Agree To Peavy Trade”

  1. holy crap indeed…if hes gone gonzalez will be all they have left. I thought the white sox issues were offense though?

  2. Ok…HERE WE GO!! Omar we better not get left in the dust. Meet with your baseball minds, I hope there are more minds then just you, figure out what we need and make it HAPPEN. Maybe this will wake Omar up not to say Omar isnt shopping around because after all what do we know, but maybe it will put a pep in his step.

    1. At one time I would have agreed, but now they are in 1st place. They still want to deal Maggs with is terrible contract, start and inevitable pricey option. Maggs for Church would for sure reshape the offense.

  3. This bums me out; I just wish we were getting someone. I knew we couldn’t land Peavy, but man we need some help.

  4. Very true I think if we heard Peavy to Philly many Met fans would have cried today. I sure would have been depressed for the day.

    1. Understood. I was thinking they would want to discard their old and underperforming types, ala Ordonez or Guillen. Guillen could play 1st, but what does he have left? Anyway, I know it was only one game but Murphy looked like he might be able handle 1B defensively much to my surprise.

  5. Speaking of trades, I will not clog things up with a post about it but what do you guys think Omar WILL do?
    Here is a name we should hear. Jack Wilson. He has a terrible contract but is solid defensively. Obviously if we could get LaRoche in the deal as well it would be much more attractive and solve SS and 1B. Wilson would be a total salary dump. What about Castro for Wilson? That saves the Pirates around 5 million this season and at least gives the Mets a SS.

  6. In the end, I expect the Met’s to overpay for DeRosa but honestly I would just as soon have Wilson. DeRosa had a break out year offensively last year but is not hitting this year. He is in high demand. Wilson, not so much. I would think we could cost us at most maybe Castro for salary and a lower level prospect like we sent for Castillo.

  7. Buster Olney reported on the Insider page:

    Brad Penny had another decent outing for the Red Sox, which means he’s had quality starts in five of his eight outings. The Red Sox are loaded with pitching, and at some point, Penny is the most likely to be traded, because he’s older and he’s on a one-year deal. Some talent evaluators think the best possible fits for a deal might be the Phillies or the Mets, in the National League East.

  8. If it goes through, there go my young girl dreams of Vassar, er uh I mean my dreams of acquiring Paul Konerko.

  9. Without looking at all the players’ numbers to confirm it, it seems like everyone the Tigers have called up recently is doing well in small samples. Perhaps they could be a near-future Met trading partner.

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