Game Thread: Mets (21-19) vs Red Sox (25-16)

Game Time: 7:10 pm  Game Temp: 80's
Game Time: 7:10 pm Game Temp: 80's
Record: 5-2 Era:1.36 K:67 BB:11 WHIP: 1.04
Record: 5-2 Era:1.36 K:67 BB:11 WHIP: 1.04


  • The Mets, who went 9-6 against the AL last year, are batting .218 with six runs during the slide after averaging 6.2 runs and batting .312 in winning 11 of the previous 13.
  • The two-time Cy Young Award winner, however, is coming off his worst performance of the season. He allowed season highs of six runs — four earned — and 11 hits while striking out seven in seven innings as the Mets (21-19)won 9-6 at San Francisco on Saturday.
  • That’s also the last time New York won, as the club has dropped a season high-tying four games in a row after falling 2-1 at Los Angeles on Wednesday
  • Manuel said J.J. Putz is still dealing with some neck discomfort, but is available


Murphy, 1b
Church, rf
Beltran, dh
Sheffield, lf
Wright, 3b
Reed, cf
Santos, c
Martinez, ss
Castillo, 2b

Record: 0-1 Era:12.79 K:5 BB:5 WHIP:3.00
Record: 0-1 Era:12.79 K:5 BB:5 WHIP:3.00


  • The Red Sox went 11-7 in interleague play last season, including six wins in nine games at Fenway. They’re 10-8 all-time against the Mets (21-19), sweeping a three-game series in the last meeting June 27-29, 2006.
  • The Red Sox (25-16) completed a three-game series sweep of East-leading Toronto on Wednesday with a 5-1 victory. That winning streak has put them one-half game behind the Blue Jays for first place.
  • Boston is expected to activate Matsuzaka (0-1, 12.79 ERA) from the disabled list in order for him to make his first start against the Mets. The right-hander has been on the DL with right arm fatigue since April 15, one day after he was tagged for five runs and five hits in one inning of a 6-5, 12-inning loss at Oakland.


Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
J.D. Drew, RF
Mike Lowell, 3B
Jason Varitek, C
Julio Lugo, SS


238 thoughts on “Game Thread: Mets (21-19) vs Red Sox (25-16)”

  1. O.K. boys. Let’s get this done.
    Let’s Go Mets!

    (and in case you missed it guys, I just love the graphics on these posts. Play Ball!)

  2. Looks great Dirty.

    By the way guys, I think me missed this one.
    •The Rangers would listen to offers for Hank Blalock and ask for relief help in return.

    Now that is a guy I would not mind having.

        1. not too much..i mean gotta be realistic..its not like jose is out for the year or anything. Jose will be back EVENTUALLY, alex will be back EVENTUALLY, and even the big man will be back with that said we need someone that will not cost an arm and a leg but someone that offers versatility and can hit on a consistant basis. I would assume the rangers need pitching(and good pitching) so i think he might be beyond our reach because frankly..we need everyone we got and the best we can pitch is niese(i shiver to think about niese in the AL). Im telling you, Omars best bet is derosa imo..

          1. Dirty, I know how you feel about DeRosa but I am telling you they would both cost Parnell in my opinion. I hope I am wrong.

    1. Could be right for sure. I just hope we don’t over pay. I don’t want to lose Parnell but he is our best chip right now for THAT type of player.

  3. Those home unis for Boston are, well, ugly…Just saying…
    And wonder where toomanyuniforms is these days?

  4. Offtopic: Trs, Dirty, how are we getting this site out to the public? Word of mouth? Going to other blogs?

    1. According to my dashboard mrose’s site as well as searches for metsblog comments. LOL. I thought about using facebook and then others have mentioned going to SNY, MLBtraderumors, etc.

  5. OMG. You have got to be kidding me.
    Please don’t tell me it’s going to be one of those games…..

    1. LOL.

      And nice K, Johan.
      I’m almost starting to feel sorry for Ortiz – well, I will after this series. Must be hard to be at the end of your career and going out like this…..

  6. What has happened to our fielding? 2nd most errors to the Nats?? NOT good….Johan is going to seriously hurt someone at some point this season….

  7. Nice!
    And how does Youkilis hit that successfully that far back and out of the batter’s box? Amazing….

  8. Damn Jack-in-the-Box fastfood. If not for that we win a couple of games in LA. What is it with players and food with us? Can we not get a chef?

  9. Hey TRS,, I made you guys a banner for the top of your blog. Even though this is our temporary spot, i figured it would be nice to have a banner. Check it out.. If you like it you can use it,, if not.. no worries.. only took me a few min..

    1. Looks great, once we get moved over I will look into it. Unfortunately on this site I can’t change really anything on format. They just have a few themes you can choose from and that’s it. But that’s what you get for free.

    1. I dont think selig will do it. He even said, if i recall that he is against moving it and modifying it.Lets just hope that we are no longer the team that sends the most players to this thing.

  10. Anyone think that Ramon should throw the ball to first and then race over there and see if he can beat it there?

        1. Yeah, it’s not an option on this theme. I found that out later afer I chose it. I may go back in and see if I can find one that does next week.

  11. What? Church just pulled out in LF and Pagan in.
    Another injury? This is getting beyond bizarre…..

    1. You know, he ran out to take his position, then ran back in when Pagan came out.
      Hope it wasn’t anything to do with bad news for Ryan.

        1. yes and no. I’d like to see him over a full year. To see what we really have. I think he can be a Werth type player, minus the steals.

          Also nuts because his value is very low right now.

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