Ill Make You An Offer…You Can’t Refuse..

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How interesting it is that we are taking on the Yankees arch nemesis the Red Sox and the Yankees are taking on our new arch nemesis the Phillies. I never would have thought that we would be in this position that we can “ask” the Yankees to do us a solid and put a hurtin on Phillies and the Yankees are probably looking at us thinking if we could do the same to the Red Sox. Currently the Mets are 1.5 games behind the division leading Phillies and the Yankees are currently 1.5 games away from the division leading Blue Jays (but only one game away from the 2nd place Red Sox). I guess it’s appropriate to use the old saying “you scratch my back and ill scratch yours”. Time for some NY “business” if ya catch my drift.. us a favor and eh.... us a favor and eh....

16 thoughts on “Ill Make You An Offer…You Can’t Refuse..”

  1. Lets Go Mets!! Lets Go Yankees!! ouch hurt a little….I actually heard a Met fan calling up Francesa and asking him who he thinks its best to root for the Yanks or Phils??

    Where do they find these Met fans to call in? Of course Francesa ripped him for 2 secs and hung up.

  2. Hopefully the Blue Jays can also do us a solid and sweep Atlanta. Halladay on the mound tonight. That’s a good start.

  3. My hatred for the yankees runs so deep, that I’m torn. My heart wants the Yanks to lose no matter how much it helps the mets and my brain just the opposite. I guess I’m just hoping for a messy series where both teams blow out their pens. How about some 15-13 type games.

  4. So Phils-Yanks, what do we think, a weekend full of 4 1/2 hour games, with record setting numbers of home runs and pitching changes?

    1. lmao..probably. Balls are Flying out of YS and i heard that its going to be warm in Ny…and thats trouble. Just gotta hope the yankees pitchers come around as the yanks are going to steamroll the awful SP of the phillies

      1. haha…Yanks have won 9 in a row and are due for some clunkers. I think they’ll take two of three though, just because the Phils pitching is that bad. Ryan Howard should hit a home run every time he bats this weekend – except when he strikes out.

        I’m out guys and gals. Heading to Beantown tomorrow to see Ramon Martinez lead off and go 0 for 4. Talk to you guys soon. Let’s go Mets!

        1. Have a great time. I haven’t been there in 3 years so I don’t know if it’s still there, but there was a great brew pub called ‘Boston Beer Works’ across the street from Fenway, if you enjoy beer they certainly had a lot of tasty varieties when I was there.

  5. Life long Yankee hater here. But I’m making the exception this weekend.
    First, I hate the Phillies, maybe almost more. Second the Phillies losing mean way more to me at this point than my hatred of the Yanks.

    So…let’s go Phillies – uhg….that left a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. See? It left such a bad taste in my mouth I couldn’t even type it!

      Meant to say ‘Let’s go Yankees’. Nope. Just as bad….

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