Ladies On The Bus!!!


Yes….those are the Mets pushing the bus  to make sure Ramon Martinez gets back to AAA  lol

O..M..G. What a disaster this guy is. I know that he is playing for Reyes, who the Mets will not DL(until sometime next week knowing them) for whatever reason but COME ON! This guy in 4 game has 4 errors. Let me say that again.. 4 GAMES…4 ERRORS!! We all know the ONLY reason Martinez is playing is because of his glove but this is getting out of hand. I know Tatis only has 4 games experience at SS but i doubt Tatis could do any worse than Martinez. At least Tatis can hit a baseball. I no longer see an upside to playing Martinez over Tatis and I hope Manuel will consider Tatis to play SS tomorrow and i hope we see him on the bus back to AAA for anybody. This guy is not getting it done with either the glove or the bat, i don’t see the need to keep him up here.


8 thoughts on “Ladies On The Bus!!!”

  1. Man, what a waste of a roster spot. Argenis anyone? lol, cant believe i would rather see him over anyone else

  2. Nothing to add here. You’ve covered it all.
    But for the love of a head first slide, we’d be seeing Cora out there and wouldn’t even need to be lamenting about this….
    Can those guys push it fast enough to get the bus off the ground and in the air to get him on his way that much quicker? LOL.

    On a side note, Church said on post game that the hammy has been sore but what took him out of the game is his hip locked up. Came out, got some treatment and it feels 100% better. Said if it stays good, even with the sore hammy, he’ll be good to go tomorrow. But if the hip is locked up (which I’m not exactly sure what that means), he can’t swing a bat.

  3. I wonder if Churchie used some Watkins liniment on his leg? It’s the official liniment of Johan Santana!

    I would help push the bus myself if it resulted in better defense at SS.

    To me, that’s one of the noteworthy differences between the Red Sox and the Mets, the way they handle injuries. A few weeks ago, Kevin Youkilis strained his oblique. He sat out two days, then tried to swing and it hurt, so he went on the DL. 15 days later he came back, he’s fine and he’s hitting around .400. So basically he missed 18 days, but is healed. Reyes missed the 14th, got 1 AB the 15th, then didn’t play again til the 19th, then left the game early on the 20th, and no one knows when he’s going to play again. If he had just gone on the DL the 15th, he’d already be 7 days into his recovery and the Mets would have a more useful roster.

    By the way, when Youkilis was on the DL from the 5th to the 19th, the Sox managed to go 6-6 without him, probably in part because they had a full roster.

  4. Also, I think it was Martinez’ 2nd error, the play in which he tried to throw to 2nd base and made a terrible throw, that was a mental error as well. He should have just thrown to 1st, Varitek was running, he had time. I guess he got greedy and was trying for the DP, probably because he knew Johan was angry and was trying to make up for the first error.

  5. well, he also almost caused an error on the throw to Murph, but thank God he was able to scoop it up. That was painfully close….

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