Let Me Know What You Think????

Please let me know what you think about this format.


20 thoughts on “Let Me Know What You Think????”

    1. I think it’s a little easier to use for sure. What about the color. Would generic blue or black be better?

  1. Not sure what the black would look like but blue sounds like it would work better than this orange. Orange may be a bit much. Would be interesting to see the blue though

  2. Quick question my name on MetsBlog use to be Joe R however when I signed up here I put the wrong email address and Joe R went Bye Bye…Now Im stuck with this one..anyway to retrieve?

  3. I would have to say for the text along with most words i would go black. Nothing wrong with incorporating plenty of color for other parts of the blog but for reading and overall ease I would stick with black.

    1. The problem is here at wordpress.com you have VERY limited options. Free so what can you say. It has to be all or none.

  4. lol but this is a mets sight..THE BOARDERS SHOULD BE BLUE lol j/k
    The black looks nice. I liked the other one but this displays the info alot better(the spyder thing and the authors). Time stamp is pretty good too. Nice job real.

    1. Dirty, I will leave the color decision up to you. I will change it to blue real quick and let you take a peak.

  5. Very nice. Appreciate the time stamp too.

    Too bad we couldn’t get the blue to look more like ‘Mets blue’. But either way, it’s blue.

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