Let’s Do This!

Guys, I know it’s easy to despair with this team sometimes especially with the kind of play we’ve been witnessing, but you gotta keep positive.  Last year on this date we were in 4th place and 1 game below .500.  This yr we’re 1.5 games back and 2 above .500.

bon jovi We are on a 4 game skid, but we were not blown out in any of em.  We played without our big bopper in Delgado, without (for the most part) Jose Reyes and with players manning positions theyre not accostomed to.  Not to mention we’ve had Jeremy Reed and Ramon Martinez in the lower part of the lineup.

This weekend undoubtedly wil be tough, but dont fret.  We got our ace going up against a very beatable Dice K, who’s 0-1 with a 12.79 ERA along with a 3.00 WHIP.

In game 2, we have Big Pelf going up against another very beatable Red Sox hurler, Josh Beckett.  Pelfrey has shown something that Ive been very impressed with, and thats composure.  He’s settled down after getting hit and has kept us in games.   Beckett has had a pretty good couple of outings but we’ll see if he can hold it up.

Sunday’s finale will matchup Redding and Wakefield.  A decent matchup that could go either way.  Redding had a very encouraging debut and looks to show he was worth the pickup.  Wakefield has been the definition of consistentcy.  The verteran knucklerballer has been at times masterful.  I hope he’s horrible on Sunday.

waterboy_2Obviously a big issue during the losing streak has been offense.  As mentioned earlier, Jeremy Reed and Ramon Martinez cannot be in this lineup on a daily basis, especially in May.  After watching his team get swept, I highly doubt Jerry will be putting that lineup out again.

Anyway, my fellow neurotic Mets fans, enjoy the long wknd, be safe and as always Let’s Go Mets!



67 thoughts on “Let’s Do This!”

  1. Great post qnz! I have faith that everything will eventually even out and the playoff season games will be decieded by 20 some odd games or so. How did the finals go?

    1. Thanks Dirty. Ehhhh, the final went… ok. Hard to tell. The professor was horrible and spent half of every class talking of her expeditions around the world… Its a psychology class. lol Lousy reviews too. Anyway, hope for the best. Thanks for asking.

  2. Nice post. It’s tough to have faith heading into this series with no firepower. I think we can take tonight’s game, but I would say the rest of the games are clearly Advantage: Sawx.

  3. O.K., I’m confused. I responded originally on this post over on the old blog. Which one are we using today?

    1. gotta finish up some work but will be back later.

      BTW, I plan on writing something up taking a look at the status of the mets rotation.

  4. TRS, Dirty, I REALLY dont mean to come off as the punctuation police and I know you got much more important things goin on in the site but something I kinda noticed. The “Met’s” in “The Real Dirty Met’s Blog” is wrong. It should be “Mets”. “Met’s” signifies possesion. Its a “Mets Blog” not the “Met’s Blog.” Thats just me a stickler.

  5. Going forward for at least the next 2 weeks or so Im pretty sure 85% of the games you will see Sheffield and Church in the OF with Murphy at 1B. Jerry and Omar want some stability and want to see what they have. I believe the experimentation of Jerry is all but done. I agree and a fan of letting players develop and get a feel for their roles and for what is expected out of them on a daily basis.

    1. You gotta fit Tatis in the mix as well. I see him splitting time with Church and occasionally spot starting at 1st and 2nd. Ths thing is what to do with short??? Ramon Martinez obviously wont hack it and Reyes will be out a week. Maybe Minaya gets DeRosa this wknd?

      1. Actually I am comfortable with Tatis at SS for a while. I don’t see how DeRosa will be better than Tatis there.

        1. Agreed, trs. For some reason I always pictured Tatis as bigger than he really is. Id take a chance with him at short.

      2. I agree tatis will get in there a few times and since he can play all the positions we have in question he will get his fair share of games. But most days Church,Sheffield, and Murphy will be out there. Manuel knows he needs to get Church going, Sheffield well we need his presence, and Murphy is in his last leg. They want to see if he is our future 1B or if hes trade bait.

    1. Wouldnt that push Maine on a few days rest? Redding looked good in his last outing. I wouldnt push him back.

          1. I wouldn’t be worried about hurting Redding’s feelings. He’s headed to the BP, once Ollie2.0 makes it back.

            Plus, I’d much rather have Maine face the Sox then the Nats.

            Doubt it would happen, but still.

            1. I dont think it has anything to do with hurting feelings but more with having confidence in your guys. Not a Willie “I trust my guys” confidence but a “You gave me a good outing, he’s another test for you” confidence. I think he deserves it after a good outing.

            2. I wouldnt count on Redding going to the bullpen as soon as Ollie gets back. If Redding delivers and makes quality starts this team wont be any rush to start the Ollie experiment again in the middle of the season imo.

  6. I want Nick Johnson on our team bad, but did anyone see the highlights to the Nats game? Johnson running scares the hell out of me. He looks like a crippled grandma that has aches and pains everywhere lol

      1. OK…this is my last attempt haha. Signed up for a gmail account. About to hit the reply button.

        C’mon…big bucks, big bucks, no whammies….aaaaand….STOP

    1. i want a nick johnson bat on this team bad..im not sure how i feel about the guys health. My money is omar is going to push for Derosa.

      1. Johnson is really tempting but as we all know he’s more injury prone than a crippled hippo. Knowing our luck, how long do you think he’ll remain durable? Too risky.

        1. Like I said the other day, imo it is well worth the risk if management feels Delgado is more than likely to come back this year. I think Nick can hold up a few months plus its his contract year and the injury he suffered was pretty devasting.

      2. Yeah…Derosa is the most logical choice being he can play so many positions but the question is How many moves can Omar make? Derosa is nice but we still need that big bat imo. We cant rely on stringing 5-6 straight singles to generate runs day in and day out. A starting pitcher would be great too but how many issues can we really address?

    2. I don’t cuz he’ll waste a bench spot once Carlos comes back, though he has improved my teams OBP on MLB2K.

      are you straying from the main theme of the post? oh wait, we can do that here.

      1. Crap Im straying! Stupid me!

        Well lets see what happens the next 2 weeks which I believe Omar is doing anyway. Once we finish with Boston and play some easier competition we will see where we are and what moves need to be made. If we need to panic, etc. Nationals twice I believe,and Marlins. If we dont beat these teams I belive Omar will improve this offense immediately even if it means getting Nick Johnson and worrying about bench players when Delgado gets back.

          1. I’ll just lie on the application. Not like he does a background check or anything…says Wally Backman.

      1. One and the same. Wondering if it has to do with the use of apostrophes in the name. I switched back to There’s Always ’10 and it didn’t let me post. Giving this a whirl.

  7. Seems like the same thing is happening now. It’s only when I change my screen name to There’s Always (insert year).

  8. TRS,
    Looks like the hours of reserach this morning paid off. I think the problem is due to the use of weird characters in the handle. Once I got rid of the apostrophes, it worked.

    In any event, this is TA ’10/’18/(next year).

        1. Go to your profile. I think you can do that from there.
          By the way. I am not sure I will keep the avatars. They seem to only work when they want and sometimes slow down the loading of the page.

  9. Is it me, or was Matt’s “State of the Comments Section Address” strikingly similar to Mike Piazza’s “I’m Straight” press conference?

      1. Dirty, how did you add the photo? I’ve got a good one up my sleeve that I’d like to share with my trusted 20 or so that we have here.

      1. Yea…I’m thinking of ordering one of those custom Phillies t-shirs and putting either:

        #11 – J LOL
        #8 – The Ugly Hawaian
        #6 – Small Nose
        #26 – Ugly
        #28 – Werthless

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