Line’em up boys.


Who the hell’s on 1st, 2nd, SS, LF, C and uh DH (screw the AL)?

So with this weekend being the start of dreaded inter-league AND with the fact that Reed and Martinez have gotten starts even WITHOUT the DH, how should the lineup look?  And yes Livan as DH is an option over Ramon.

ManuelWarning:  Nothing we post will matter nor be right because Jerry the tinker Manuel will solve all.


44 thoughts on “Line’em up boys.”

  1. I did not want to put my opinion in the post.
    RIGHT NOW I would go with the following. Assuming Reyes is still riding the pine. OH GOD.

    Castillo 2B
    Church RF
    Beltran CF
    Wright 3B
    Sheff DH
    Murphy 1B
    Tatis SS (Standing for Seriously Stopitalready)
    Castro C
    Reed LF

  2. Maybe I should change that
    I found this stat.
    Sheffield this season:
    Batting fourth: 13-37, 5 BB, .371 AVG, 3 2B, 3B, HR, 6 RBI

    Not batting fourth: 5-34, 9 BB, .147 AVG, 2B, HR, 2 RBI

      1. Agreed, limited sample but an even one. I guess Sheff needs more protection than Wright. But if Sheff struggles and Wright bats 5th then we are not scoring this weekend.

  3. man this is a tough one but here goes

    Pagan LF
    Church RF
    Beltran CF
    Wright 3b
    Shef DH
    Murphy 1B
    Tatis SS(he only has 4 games at SS. While i am afraid the sawx are a team that capitolizes on things like this, have Ramon Martinez available for defensive replacement if tatis cant handle it..but we need his bat.)
    Santos C(only because he seems more alert at the plate than castro and..lets face it ellsbury)
    Castillo 2b

      1. I’ll send down Ramon Martinez. That’s the no-brainer to end all no brainers. In an absolute emergency, Luis Castillo should be able to play SS with Murphy playing 2B for a few innings until another roster move could be made.

        Wonder if the Mets are afraid FMart will pull a Milledge against that wall in Fenway. Remember that? Haha.

        1. The Green Monster is an excellent reason why we won’t be seeing FMart this weekend, although if Sheff is still sick I suppose he could DH.

            1. When “The Simpsons Movie” came out, Burger King ran a “Simpsonize yourself” promotion in which you could upload a picture of yourself and a computer program would create the “Simpsons” version of you. That is me, if I were a Simpsons character.

              1. Of course, since you complimented me in the way “Comic Book Guy” would have, you already knew that.

                1. Dude, that is awesome. If you can find that link (if it still exists) send it to me.

  4. Here is another tidbit I found from Adam Rubin:
    Manager Jerry Manuel said he intends to use 3B David Wright(notes) and OFs Carlos Beltran(notes) and Gary Sheffield(notes) a game apiece at designated hitter during the weekend interleague series at Boston. The goal is to allow those players to recharge while keeping their bats in the lineup.
    Oh my. That’s not good. So with shotty defense already inevitable Jerry is going to make it worse by playing even MORE players out of position.

    So that means one game Tatis will be at 3B AND Ramon Hernandez will be at SS.
    Then one day Pagan will be in CF surrounded by Sheff and Church. Gulmph.

  5. This is not necessarily what I want, but what I think will happen, and since we’re assuming I’m going to assume that Reyes sucks it up, and Sheffield’s tummy ache is bedduh.

    Jerry’s kids

    SS Reyes
    2B Castillo
    CF Beltran
    DH Sheffield
    3B Wright
    1B Murphy
    C Castro
    RF Church
    LF Pagan

  6. Pope Mike just said that the unofficial word from ‘people with the team’ is that Reyes is NOT expected to be in the lineup tonight or Saturday.

    1. Leading off…Shortstop…Ramon Martinez…Shortstop…Shortstop…Shortstop…Leading Off…This is not a malfunction…Shortstop…Ramon Martinez

      1. there was a guy over on metsblog…can’t remember his name…who kept saying they needed to bring up ramon martinez. i wish i was on whatever he’s on.

    2. I have seen the same written multiple places. I HATE when the Mets do this. They did it with Delgado and now are doing it AGAIN with Reyes. If they are injured then don’t play them, put them on the DL and wait your damn 15 days.

      1. Then they can bring up F-Mart!

        Don’t want to start the clock on his arbitration eligibility.

        1. I don’t think that’s too much of an issue. The question is where to play him. If Reyes goes on the DL then some terrible 2b/SS is coming up.

          1. I’d rather put Lord Helmet at shortstop than watch Ramon Martinez bat 4 times a night. Actually 3, because with him in the lineup, it doesn’t turn over all that often.

            1. Agreed, that is why I think Tatis has to play there this series. I still can’t believe that Manuel is going to use THIS weekend to rest some regulars in the field.

          2. By terrible, do you mean awful, as in Awful Reyes?

            (Warning: meaningless statistic to follow) Argenis’ AAA OBP is a robust .385!

            1. He is the 2008-2009 version of A. Hernandez. No coincidence that both guys’ first name begins with “A”.

            2. Yes that’s him. I have been impressed by his OBP. Looks like the AAA manager actually took the bat out of his hand and let him swing with just his hands. No wonder he has more walks than K’s. After about 2 “hits” that would put an end to swinging.

  7. Off topic…gotta give a shout out to TRS and Dirty. This is really the dirtiest Mets blog I have ever seen.

    Great job guys. Way to be on the ball when teh comments section at Metsblog was falling apart. Otherwise, we’d all be twisting in the wind – like Willie.

    1. Thanks again TA10. Like I said earlier today, this has been incredible. I never expected it to be this successful, especially so quickly. We will most likely trip 1,000 post before tonight’s game even starts. That’s truly amazing.

  8. Is it strange that I’m actually anticipating Schneider’s return? I think the love affair with Omir Santos has worn off as he’s come back down to earth, so to speak.

    I don’t think Schneider’s gonna blow anyone away offensively, but he certainly can’t hurt.

    1. Man, the bottom of our AL lineup has the potential to break all sorts of records for futility. It could look like this:

      R. Martinez, Schneider, Castillo

      That has finish the honeydew list written all over it.

        1. If there is anyone that deserves the Figgy treatment, it’s him. Except the ticket should be one way. Terrible.

    2. For all Schneider’s faults, there is one thing he does that no one else on this team does, and he does it well: when an opposing runner is trying to score, he blocks the plate.

        1. True, but the whole crop of Met catchers doesn’t catch the ball. At least Schneider risks injury when he’s not catching it.

      1. Agreed. I’ll give him that. I don’t need a catcher to be Mike Piazza. Matter of fact, it’s nice to have a catcher that can reach first base on a fly, unlike big Mike and Juicehead LoDuca. I would like a catcher that has some offensive ability though. If you don’t have any offensive ability, you better be lock down behind the plate. Just not sure Schneider is that. At least he hasn’t been in his year plus.

        1. I was very interested in the rumor that Martin was on the block last off-season he would be perfect. Otherwise I am afraid it may be Molina or Hernandez on short contracts. Hmmm, hasn’t Omar been in that EXACT position before?

          1. I was interested as well. Just doesn’t make any sense that they would put him on the block though. He’s a young catcher who also played some 3B for them last season. I think that was a bogus rumor.

            Omar has been in this position before. What a fiasco it was. Remember when Torrealba was a Met for about 10 minutes? Even Jonny Estrada was a Met for longer.

  9. According to Pope Mike:

    1B Murphy
    RF Church
    CF Beltran
    DH Sheffield
    3B Wright
    LF Reed
    C Santos
    SS Martinez
    2B Castillo

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