Man Up Awards For Friday Night

First up…the Captain (I assume I won’t get much debate on that) Johan Santana again is just AWESOME. Johan tonight went 7 innings allowing 2 ER and 8 punch outs. The Mets again did not help Johan with the glove comiting 3 errors in tonight game (that’s good for 12 errors total in Santana’s games). I don’t know what Johan needs to do to get some defense but he has handled this situation very well. Even the hit to Youklis (which I’m sure someone will post about today or tomorrow) was handled properly. If you don’t have a man crush on Santana well…you have not been watching Mets baseball this year (or last ;p). Go Johan…a one man army.

Second up is Bobby Parnell. I knew this kid had gas but THE MAN HIT 100 ON THE GUN!!! Now that’s what I call Manning Up. He came in to the game with a mission tonight and took it to the Sawx in place of JJ. This kid is something else and when JJ gets right…to have Parnell as the 7th inning guy will only shorten the game that much further. Big ups to Parnell tonight…well done kid!

Last up is of course…good ole Frankie Rodriguez. What a pick up this guy has been so far. A perfect 12-12 and is just filthy…I mean this guy is something else. He would be the equivalent of an El Duque in that he can throw any pitch at any time for STRIKES. I know this guy has his adventures here and there but I have a weird comfort level when he’s on the mound. Good job Frankie for closing the door

This man up award goes to basically the Mets arms that went along way to winning this one…good job guys. A shout out to the tag champs who CONTINUE to get the job done, don’t know where the met season would be without ya. Keep it up (we need it).


4 thoughts on “Man Up Awards For Friday Night”

      1. I’ll predict now, when all is said and done, Johan and KRod will rack up the most – and that’s including the offense having a shot at their fair share.

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