Now Introducing MR. 1,000!


Metsfan4decades last comment was the 1,000 comment on our new blog.  Congratulations, your new toaster will be sent by email.


32 thoughts on “Now Introducing MR. 1,000!”

    1. Not only that but only half of them are mine. LOL. Ok maybe not that many but who the hell cares? We are having fun.

    2. This place looks GREAT!

      And this “reply” button idea for the comments section is a truly revolutionary and outstanding idea!!

  1. I know that part of it is the company we keep but this comment section looks better than anything we have seen over at the ole blog. Incredibly easy to use.

        1. Hey Kingman, it’s really ALL of US. Not just Dirty and I. I think it’s incredible that we can return to intelligent conversation after being in exile for so long. Hopefully a few more find their way over as well. Wanny and Fong are creating a void.

          1. Oh yeah, Wanny and Fong are sorely missed over here. I especially liked Fong’s way of looking at things – even if I didn’t often agree.

            And Rusty too.

            I wonder if Alex will make his way over????

              1. Gotcha TRS…guess I was promarily thanking you and Dirty as your names comprise the title…but I truly appreciate EVERYONE who is making this effort. And yeah, having Rusty and Wanny and Fong here would make it even better.

                MetsFan4–As is often the case, I agree with you about Fong—we often disagreed, but totally respected each others’ opinions.

                Wanny’s knowledge and humor are needed.

                As for Rusty, I may be able to get a message to him via his My Space page…will certainly try…

                1. no problem kingman…ive just been having such a great time here..this is great!

  2. I really like the Sportsyder RSS feed. I wish I had found that a long time ago. It’s better than the ole blog because it post things quicker than Matt can steal them. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  3. Hey, just noticed the Title says: ‘Mr. 1,000’. Ya all probably already know that should be ‘Ms’. – lol. No matter, it’s great the way it is.

    I know we had some more female Met fans over on that other blog. Hope they make their way over. I remember a poster named ‘Gina’. I always assumed she was female. Either way, that poster knew more about minor league talent for all teams than anyone I’ve ever run into….

      1. I hope you know that it was just an LOL from me. Absolutely no problem with it…Takes a lot for me to be offended. Usually on blogs, especially sports ones that are male dominant, the only thing that really bothers me is the posters who get absolutely downright crude for no reason….

        1. Funny, it’s the male in me but when I go on to a sports blog I think everyone is a guy until I find out otherwise.

        2. Metsfan4, I got the utmost respect for you. A woman who knows the Mets as much as the next guy is a keeper in my book. lol

          1. Thanks to both of you. Often is the case, most sports knowledgeable guys never take us gals seriously.

            I may have never played hardball (back in my day girls were not allowed), but played softball for 8 years in my youth and have been a life long Met fan, thanks to my Dad.

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