Ah…the quote that will live in infamy but so appropriate for the Mets. Manuel has said recently that he will be conducting fielding practice before most games. Nobody wants that more and probably would stress that more than tonight’s starter Johan Santana. So far this year, the Mets have committed 8 errors on the field behind him, which we all know have lead to several unearned runs. Some of which have been game winning runs. Alas the winds may change in Johan’s favor as opponents main defensive target, Daniel Murphy.. will be playing a little closer to home at 1b. The Mets have got to tighten this up very quickly as the sawx are notorious for capitalizing on mistakes and lord knows we make many of them behind Johan. This does open a door to a compelling question however in that the Mets have a dilemma at SS. As you all may be aware of or not, Rey rey has a bum knee and probably wont be playing tonigh. Now as the manager you have two options for SS at the moment in Tatis(who only has 4 games at SS) or Martinez(career IF but has commited 2 errors already). We all know the black hole that is Martinez in the lineup, but we also know the “limited” experiance of Tatis in that position…as the manager of the Mets(i know we are not but im sure we stayed at a holiday inn last night…which automatically makes some of us more qualified than Manuel lol j/k…sort of) what do you do?


3 thoughts on “Practice…PRACTICE??!!”

  1. I think Johan ought to gather the troops and tell them:
    ‘I see one error behind me tonight on the field, I’m coming for you’.

    They owe it to him to play crisp, sharp baseball.

    1. seriously they do. This guy has literally been the saving grace of this team..maybe that adds extra pressure to not mess up?

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