Rey Rey Gate


per rubins blog:

Jose Reyes had red eyes, and no wonder given his lack of sleep. He flew with the team cross country after Wednesday’s loss in L.A., then caught a second flight to New York. After an MRI and exam, he was back in Boston by 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Reyes said he is not available in any capacity Friday, and he won’t participate in pregame activities with teammates. He didn’t want to speculate about the DL, but this is something that may linger and land him there eventually despite the optimism and day-to-day listing

“I don’t want to be in the lineup too soon if I’m not ready,” Reyes said. “I have to be sure I can play all nine innings.”

Reyes said the right calf is worse than when he arrived in San Francisco.

“San Francisco it didn’t feel that bad,” he said. “I even wanted to play that day.”

Jerry Manuel said not placing Reyes on the DL has nothing to do with Alex Cora being inactive.

“I would hope not,” the manager added.

Manuel said Fernando Tatis could start at shortstop at some point, but that clearly wouldn’t be before Sunday, since Mike Pelfrey on Saturday is a ground-ball pitcher. Manuel indicated that he doesn’t necessarily believe Tatis is an inferior shortstop to Ramon Martinez, but the manager noted that Tatis hasn’t played there in a while.

“It’s almost unfair to put him in that situation and expect him to play well,” Manuel said.

Martinez, who had sports hernia surgery in late March, took only three weeks to resume baseball activities and had no troubles. He noted no one can replace Reyes.

“He’s one of the best shortstops and players in the big leagues,” Martinez said. “Right now, whoever comes in, nobody is going to fill in.”


18 thoughts on “Rey Rey Gate”

  1. It’s worse than it was when he was in San Fran? That’s it. Just DL him please. I’m begging you. With Jose, is anyone other than me worried if he’s not on the DL, he’ll get real antsy on that bench and try and make his way in the lineup before he should be?

      1. i dont know…this is reminding me of reyes intro to the league…i HOPE the mets do the right thing..

      2. But from the great definition of tendonitis on a previous post it sounded like the inflammation was the main problem. Never had the condition myself but I can only assume that inflammation will be slower to go away if overusing? I’m no doctor, just thinking out loud….

    1. who though??…the only people that i can think of is reyes/malo and both are not really all that impressive..idk this situation is making the case for Derosa all the more larger..

      1. True, but would you not rather have Awful Reyes or Malo at SS over Ramon Martinez?
        Also, I mentioned this earlier, I am sure we could get Jack Wilson maybe even for Malo/Awful and Castro. Not Derosa but VERY solid on defense.

        1. yea i remember your trade proposal..i guess it all boils down to murphy at 1b. If he struggles, that trade with the pirates that you proposed should be explored. If murphy does well, Derosa would give more flexability to manuel as he plays everywhere(except C,P) than wilson who only plays ss,2b(i think). MLBTR said that the pirates are looking to dump laroche…

          1. According to Matt, from what he can gather, the Mets don’t like LaRoche. You know I just fear how much DeRosa is going to cost. I am afraid Omar will make a panic decision and Parnell will be closing for the Indians.

    2. I think we may be seeing Argenis the Amazing before too long. He has played a little SS, and the Buffalo SS, Coronado, has a truly impressive line in 100 PA–.141 .240 .165—-a .165 slugging pct!!

  2. And I’ve been a supporter of Jerry all along but some of these moves lately have even me scratching my head. Just heard his explanation to Kevin B. on the pre-game of why Martinez over Tatis and I didn’t get it. I would much rather see Tatis.
    Hopefully, Martinez looks a whole lot sharper than he has there.

    And OMG, they’re showing clips from the ’86 team, with Straw talking about the confidence that team had. Those were the days….

    1. All I can guess is that Jerry is perhaps TOO fondly remembering those 2 or 3 good plate appearances Martinez had last September. And, maybe he really like Tatis on the bench for late-inning pinch hitting or more overall bench flexibility….

      And yes, those 86 days were indeed the days….

    2. I can’t understand it either. Start him tonight with Santana and Ramon wish I was the pitcher Martinez tomorrow with Pelfrey.

    3. Martinez is pretty bad. I too would have rather seen tatis out there. AT least there is the possibility of him contributing offensively.

  3. Here goes Jerry micromanaging again. ugh.. I said this before but I have a gut feeling this may turn into something chronic. I mean, he rests for 5 days, comes back and plays 12 innings only to hurt his calf again… even worse this time. And now he’s day to day even though theres no way he’ll play for a week. (Rubbing my eyes). Meaning we lose a bench spot. I guess the idea of DLing for 2 weeks doesnt make sense for a guy in his condition.

    1. Well something needs to start making sense. I don’t know who always makes the decision for us to carry a player for a week only to DL them but it’s getting old.

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