Sparks Fly in Bean Town

In the Blue Corner:

Weighting in at 208 pounds and standing 6’0 tall…The Mets team captain..Johan Santana

In the Red Corner:

Weighting in at 220 pounds and standing 6’1 tall…The Boston Grinder…Kevin Youkilis

If you didn’t see the game, they did not fight. On a 3-2 pitch, Johan threw inside and hit Kevin Youkilis. Now on the way to 1b, Kevin decides he wants to talk some smack to Johan. Johan(and his awesomeness) simply gestured to Kevin to take his base. I guess Kevin needed more attention and continued to jaw off at Johan that drew out Terry Francona from the dugout to defuse the situation. Santana faced Kevin after this incident later in the game and struck him out. Now this was nothing more than Kevin’s temper getting the best of him because there is no way Johan would intentionally throw at Kevin in that spot(even though Dice-K almost hit David on a few pitches inside) . I want to ask our readers though…had this situation escalated a bit more than what it did…who do you think would be the first man on the field swinging?


Here’s the link for the post game comments in which Johan discusses the incident..MUST SEE(hat tip to NYP)


8 thoughts on “Sparks Fly in Bean Town”

  1. I don’t know – but I do know I’d want a wall of Mets between Santana and any opposing player who wanted at him.

  2. I agree with Tater, probably Sheff. Johan has a temper, but I think he knows how to control and use it so I doubt he would have started throwing punches. He knows he holds the ball on the hill, and can chuck it 60′ 6″ at 93 mph.

    As far as any Met who would have had to come from the bullpen or the dugout, my wild guess is Bobby Parnell, although he might be intimidated by his own rookie status. I would also guess that Razor Shines could smile at you while punching you in the face, if it were necessary.

  3. Guys I honestly think it would be Wright. I am not saying he would do well, he might get Venturaed but I really think he would be there.

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