The New York Met Observer

I don’t know how many of you read The New York Observer but a writer there named Howard Megdal occasionally writes about the Mets.  I happened to notice yesterday that Mr. Megdal is now a staff writer at MLBTR, a resource many of us read and quote often.  I am interested to read his take on any future Met rumors, and now I hope you are too.



4 thoughts on “The New York Met Observer”

  1. I saw a post last week on MLBTR where Tim was looking for additional writers, working the 5-10pm shift, salary was hourly. Think it was yesterday or the day before where he thanked everyone who applied and welcomed 3 new additional writers. Can’t remember what their names were or if H. Megdal was one of them.

    1. Here’s the article to which you refer:

      We’ve added three new writers to the staff: Howard Megdal, Mike Axisa, and Eddie Schmid. Thanks to all those who applied. We are all filled up now. I apologize if I was not able to reply to you. It was painful to have to turn down so many quality writers. I am keeping the applications on hand in case something opens up down the road.

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