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think mcfly

The Mets problem so far in this young season..base running mistakes. Daniel Murphy tried a balls to the wall play by trying to go to third via a sacrifice bunt by Castillo. Murph’s rationale on that play was that no one was covering 3rd(Lowell was slightly off base). I understand the aggression and it would have been a hellova play but cmon…ya cant make an out at 3rd…ESPECIALLY WITH THE HOTTEST HITTER IN BASEBALL CARLOS BELTRAN COMING UP TO THE PLATE!! Daniel was obviously frustrated and Manuel was talking to him on the side. What is going on with the mental mistakes on this team? They are way too talented for this and they are better than that. Granted we won the game but as Mitch Williams from MLB Network said tonight “you cannot pitch yourself out of errors and mistakes all season, they will catch up to you eventually”. He could not be more right. The writing is on the wall for this club, they know what they have to address. What worries me is i don’t know if the Mets know how…

Btw…If you have not seen MLB Network…you must. It is awesome! I have not watched ESPN in days….

mlb network


11 thoughts on “Think McFly!”

  1. Completely agree with you about MLB network. My television is tuned to that station far more than any other. I had no idea what to expect from it when it was starting, and even through spring training I was intrigued but not excited, but once the regular season got underway all the strengths of a channel dedicated exclusively to baseball began to shine.

    I am impressed with their stable of talent, too. I never thought I’d like anything Mitch Williams would have to say, and I was totally wrong – I’m glad I gave him a chance, because I’ve grown to respect his opinion as well as enjoy his sense of humor. He and Joe Magrane keep me in stitches! I pretty much like every single person on the channel. Perhaps I wish John Hart would have an opinion more often (he picked so many teams to finish “tied for second” on their preseason shows) but I do enjoy some of his front office insight.

    1. Im tellin ya grave..i wake up with that channel on and go to sleep with that channel on lol. What a collection of talent. REAL ANALYSTS with LEGITIMATE information…ESPN used to be my go to channel but im done. I love MLB Network!

  2. I’m watching it right now. Aaron Heilman just got a fly out to end the 6th inning, and the Cubs are leading the Padres 3-0.

    I also just saw a clip of San Francisco Giant Randy Johnson walking off the mound in Seattle. He got a standing ovation from the Mariner faithful. Classy.

    1. and he acknowledged them back. Definatly makes the game worth it. Very classy. Im happy for aaron…im glad its going well for him out there.

  3. Hello everybody.

    I particularly enjoy the old games and WS reviews from the 1940’s and 1950’s on MLB Network. The game has evolved over the years but not always for the better.

    The Mets base running mistakes remind me of the early 1960’s Mets. It was laughable back then since no one expected them to win and a close loss was considered a victory. With the mounting injuries and the club scratching for runs they must rely on pitching and defense to win. If the defense isn’t there it will be hard to be a contender.

    1. Welcome! I agree about those older games they show, it’s great to see the legends that in most cases I’ve only read about. My only complaint is, I have an HDTV and those old games are obviously not in HD, so the picture looks bad. Luckily, baseball played the right way looks good even if the picture is a little fuzzy.

      1. The old games were shot in kinescope. Kinescope was a primitive process compared to what we have now. Back then NBC televised the WS and they chose the lead announcer from each team and split the announcing duty. I vaguely remember reading a story that someone at NBC destroyed almost all of the old games they had. This was not unusual as it freed up space for storing newer items. I don’t know how true this is but it makes for good folklore but supposedly the 1969 WS record was to be destroyed but the person in charge of that assignment was a Mets fan.

  4. I’ve been watching MLB network since it debuted on 1 Jan. Thankfully, my cable added w/o cost. I really loved it during the off season. They had lots of documentaries and old games I’ve never seen before. Liked what they did with the 30 in 30 with analyzing teams in spring training. Now that the season has started I always tune in to MLB, see what they’ve got to say. They’re a little less bias and emotional then the analysts on the SNY teams – lol….

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