Time To Lock and Load

lock and load

As several of us have posted and witnessed, the mets offense needs to step up to the plate. The tag team champs cannot do this on their own and will most certianly require the help of someone…ANYONE to step it up this series in order to turn the recent pitching gems into wins. Lets look at a few May canadates by the numbers…

Ryan Church(before he bumped his head): 67ab/.299AVG/.364OBP/6HR/13RBI

Fernando Tatis: 32ab/.281AVG/.314OBP/1HR/7RBI

Ramon Casto: 22ab/.318AVG/.423OBP/5RBI

Jose Reyes(i know hes injured and this may be adding salt to a wound but): 117ab/.316AVG/.383OBP/5HR/15RBI/11SB

Or will it be the X-factor Dan”The Man” Murphy as he was not with us in May last year. Regardless..we need at least one person to step up here and deliver…we need someone to let the monster out of the cage ;p




53 thoughts on “Time To Lock and Load”

  1. I want to see Murphy play this entire series at 1st. He was impressive there the other night. Cant recall the source but when Jerry told Murph he would be playing 1st in the last game in LA, Murph was relieved to the point that it shocked Jerry. IMO, with Murph feeling confident fielding, he’ll find his stroke again. Look out…

    1. I agree. Think it was Kevin B. who reported that…

      And we need to stick with Church more than a couple of times a week too. Enough of a sample size to see if he can hit 280 consistently or not.

  2. No doubt that Murphy looked like a duck in water over there in only 1 game. In the OF he looked like a duck on ice instead.

    1. Poor kid. Really. To say he didnt belong out there was an understatement. But you know what, he didnt complain and he went out there when he was needed. I think that had alot to do with his little slump at the plate. That and being bench every couple games. As stated, once he gets his confidence back itll be like Stella when she got her groove back.

  3. Murph, Church and Sheff are key.

    Omir Castro

    Gets Church in a good hitting spot, Murph move over Sheff who walks a lot, and Castillo did well hitting 8th.

    1. I agree completely with this lineup.
      Like I said last night I would even entertain the idea of moving Reyes IF he can not steal bases right now. Just to give Wright more protection. Who wants to walk Wright with Reyes coming up?

          1. I think he played there on of the days Reyes was out. Most likely the day Cora got injured. He can do it as well as Martinez I hope.

  4. Lock and Load…
    I love it!

    Can’t wait for the first pitch tonight. Pitching will get it done but the bats need to get serious. No way DWright and Beltran can carry this offense on their own.

      1. And all that talk of breaking up the core…
        How anyone, in their right mind, would ever advocate trading Wright – or even Beltran right now, is just mind boggling.
        DWright, for whatever reason, gets off to a slow start. Anyone who knew better had to realize he was not going to remain in a slump. And even with that slump he never dipped much below .300.

        And Beltran – all that work he said he did in spring training to get a better handle on hitting the change-up apparently paid off. And who else would you want to see patrolling that deep well that is now CF at Citi?

        And for the record, I’m not an advocate of trading Reyes either.

  5. Guys this is not me being boastful, but honestly I have had more fun on here the last couple of days than I have in about a year on Metsblog.
    Look at us, almost 1,000 comments and all have been intelligent conversation on the Mets.
    Maybe Matt just needs to link to here. LOL.

    1. I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING before I read your note. There are def. GOOD VIBES here and hopefully the baseball gods tranfer that to the team. Lock and Load, baby!

  6. Doesn’t the Mets offense always step up to the plate? It’s what they do when they get there that counts!

    Sorry, I’ll go sit in the corner for a few minutes.

  7. Question. Anybody know why 3 yrs later we’re still facing the Sox n Boston. Shouldnt it have been alternated to Queens this time?

    1. Payback to the Sox from the commissioner for not allowing their trade for ARod to go through? But seriously, I have no idea what the parameters for scheduling are.

    2. I’ll bet it’s because MLB gave the nod to the Yankees playing at home being that they’re playing the Phils. Both new stadiums, both playing east coast alternate league teams and the Yankees get the home advantage. Go figure…

      They could have scheduled it differently but for whatever reason, didn’t.

  8. Nice work TRS, This is a lot of work and we really appreciate the effort. I’m pretty sure you were born to talk Mets, so we have clearly found the right crew to take us in a new direction. Keep it up man.

    1. Hey thanks Bobbyv. I really have to give a lot of the credit to Dirty, Mrose, Grave and all of you guys. Otherwise this entire thing would have been Dirty and I talking to each other all day. LOL.

        1. So, what are you doing right now?

          So, what are you wearing?

          So, do you like photography?

          Oh, you were talking about Dirty the guy with the blog, nevermind.

          I am so going to be banned for this!

  9. Like I posted earlier you will see for the next 2 weeks or so Murphy, Sheffield, and Church playing in probably 805 of the games with the occasional day off. Murphy needs to excel at 1b otherwise he is traded or sent down. This is his final audition. Yes the golden boy isnt so golden anymore in both Omar and Jerry’s mind. Im routing for him because I do think he can develop into a nice hitter. Lets Go mets

    1. Sunday game is 1:05PM. Steve Phillips will not get to rip on Beltran. ESPN will give him a few years to compile two bad plays to make his case.

      1. I know, I am SO happy that none of the games are on national TV (although Sunday’s will be on TBS, it is also on PIX 11). No Joe Buck, or Joe Morgan. Hooray!

  10. Lets say we don’t win the WS.. Odds are heavily against at this point. So what is the most important thing we could do to prepare ourselves for the future?

    To me the answers simple.. We need to find out what we got in FMart. If we are going to struggle, I would rather struggle with guys like Murph Fmart, than these aging vets. I love a team built from within. I say bring up the young guns and lets see what we’ve got.

    on another note… Lets Get Thole moving up the chain. I think we’ve got something special right there. While we don’t need to rush him, we are going to need to know if he is our future at that position. No need to sign another Schneider type for a couple of years, if this kid is almost ready.

    1. Problem is that we still can compete this year. Those vets are struggling but chances are they get it before the guys in the minors do. Besides that, it’s about impression. If the Mets cut Sheff and bring up Fmart, you think MOST Mets fans will understand? Especially if Fmart struggles? Now guys like Reed, Martinez, etc no one really cares if they get sent away or ride the pine.

      1. I say keep Sheff in Left, trade church and bring fmart up. If fmart can’t handle it, then Tatis is a fine solution. I don’t think church is ever going to become the player we’d hoped. I’m fine with Tatis/Fmart/Reed

        1. That I can agree with, in about 2 weeks. I say give Church EVERY night for about 2 weeks and see if he can recover his form. It’s not like he was terrible in Washington either. He really should be a doubles machine in Citi.

    2. I think the key phrase you used was “if we struggle.” Is the team struggling right now? Yes but it’s a 4 game sample. I’m not prepared to cut or trade multiple veterans and bring up minor leaguers at this point. IMO it’s way to early for that. If this current 4 game struggle proves to be the rule and not the exception, August and September have plenty of baseball games on the schedule for Fernando Martinez and others to get some exposure.

  11. Hey guys, anyone know if there is a way I can find out how many different users we have had on this site so far?

    1. I could of sworn I came across a plugin last night that had all sorts of traffic info. TRS, I think we need to post messages on other message boards that we’ve all left Metsblog. Let them know we are coming here. I would put a message on WFAN”S site, SNY’s, Espn’s.

      1. WordPress.com does not allow plugins. I can see post, hits, views etc. Just no list of actual posters.
        I agree on the other. Would you want to take on that venture?

          1. My post at WFAN, seems to be in moderation or something. I tried to leave a message but it has not shown up yet. I can only imagine how quickly my message will be taken off SNY’s site..

              1. By the way a lot of these sites won’t allow an actual website to be posted. You may have to do something like this
                realdirtymets.wordpress.com with out actually the entire address or link.

          1. Yeah, like Metsblog is aligned with wordpress.ORG Almost the same thing except you have to find someone to host it. It has more options but we would have to pay for it.

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