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According to Peter Gammons:How about other players that could be on the trade block? PG: Well, No Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee are not on the trade block. That’s one of those Internet fabrications that isn’t true. The Indians would trade Mark DeRosa if they got major league pitching. Washington with their 2-16 bullpen are trying to move Nick Johnson and Austin Kearns and some of their semi-attractive veteran players to get relief pitchers. I know they offered Nick Johnson to Boston for Manny Delcarmen.

That hasn’t happened and may not until the Red Sox make a decision on David Ortiz. It’s early for trades to happen, but at the same time the Padres/White Sox deal is a reminder that now more teams are interested because more teams believe they have a chance to win in May or early June. And also if you trade for a player before June 1 you get four months of service rather than the two months. I think if there were a trade right now it’s far better for the seller and the buyer.

So with this it is clear that Nick Johnson would cost Parnell.  Uh Oh.


31 thoughts on “Today’s Rumors”

  1. I wouldnt mind giving up kunz for nick…or sean green for that matter. Call up figgy for the pen and we have someone that can be relied upon to throw strikes and absorb some innings until the “reconstructed” ollie comes up. Wonder who the indians are wanting for rosa?

    1. Major league ready pitching is what Gammons says. I would hope that Niese would do it but I don’t know. Kunz was pitching terribly last I looked. Take a look at Delcarmen’s stats (click on his name). For sure they would want Parnell.

      1. As an optimist, I couldn’t give up Parnell for a piece of the puzzle that will be on the bench from August-the end of the season. That’s where Nick Johnson would be when Delgado comes back.

  2. I don’t know about him statistically speaking, but in watching some Red Sox games I’ve thought Delcarmen is pretty good, and is used in fairly important roles for them. I think that means they’re looking for Parnell for Nick Johnson. I would prefer to avoid that.

    1. That’s what I am thinking too. The kid as an ERA under 1.00 right now. I guess the Nats are starting by asking high. Maybe if we threw quantity instead of quality we could avoid giving up Parnell? Something like Green, Kunz, and another AAA reliever?

      1. My guess would be that offer is much like what they already have on their Washington-Syracuse (is that their AAA team? I think so) shuttle, and they would only bite on that if they just didn’t get another offer. Hopefully they would be so afraid that Johnson will pull up lame any moment they’ll just take it.

  3. So in 07, Omar traded for Luis Castillo after Jose Valentin went down.
    In 08, Omar traded for Luis Ayala when Billy Wagner went down.

    Which Luis will Omar bring in this year? My money is on Luis Gonzalez.

    1. Isn’t Gonzalez a free agent? I think for continuity sake we need to find a current major league Luis for Omar to acquire. Ayala is probably available again…

      1. …Minnesota could probably be nudged to part with his 1.623 WHIP.

        Luis Montanez? Luis Perdomo? Dustin Luis Pedroia? (I’m serious, that’s his middle name).

  4. Anyone that would give up Parnell for Johnson is crazy.
    Are we really that desperate?

    However….much as I wouldn’t like to see it, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Putz in a trade.

      1. Nice call on Stokes. He could probably immediately step in as their closer, certainly as their set up man.

  5. Omar would be the dumbest GM and human being on the planet if he gave up Parnell. He has great stuff, is young and under control.

    i think he is gonna be next years setup guy. i dont think Putz is gonna be around next year. We need Bobby.

  6. This would seem to go here in ‘today’s rumors’:

    Mike Francesa claims that the Phillies are looking at trading for Peavy. After my jaw dropped when I heard him say that, I googled “Peavy Phillies” and found nothing relevant or current. MLBTR has a link to Phillies beat writer who apparently suggested the idea himself as a possibility, then approached Philly GM Amaro whose response was “we don’t discuss trades.” I would say it’s not a hot topic.

    1. I had heard that before. I just don’t know if they have the prospects. Maybe if they sent Vicki, Werth, Happ ?

      1. Here’s what that beat writer (Todd Zolecki) had to say about it:

        “The Phillies have the talent to make the trade. They were believed to be the runner-up last year for CC Sabathia, but the Indians wanted a power-hitting corner outfielder close to the big leagues, which the Phillies did not have. The White Sox reportedly were prepared to send top pitching prospects Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard and two other Minor League pitchers in the Peavy deal. The Phillies could match that in terms of talent. Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson, Jason Donald, Kyle Drabek, Joe Savery, Michael Taylor and Dominic Brown are top-level prospects that could land somebody like Peavy.”

        1. So my question is, IF they have top level pitching prospects then why the hell are they trotting out terrible SP each night?

          1. Well, here is what a very wise person said on this very blog in another thread earlier today:

            “Those vets are struggling but chances are they get it before the guys in the minors do.”

            1. Haha…

              well, like an overweight head football coach in Minneapolis once said, “they are who we thought they were!!!” that holds true for blanton, moyer, chan ho park, and bret myers. those guys are who we thought they were. they just aren’t that good.

              1. I actually like J.A. Happ. Think he can be a very solid starter for them and perhaps a #3 starter in the future.

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