Tonight’s Matchup

From Adam Rubin:

Series preview: Mets at Red Sox

May 22, 2009

METS (21-19, 2nd place/NL East) at RED SOX (25-16, 2nd place/AL East)

Friday: LHP Johan Santana (5-2, 1.36) vs. RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka (0-1, 12.79), 7:10 p.m. (SNY, WFAN, WADO)

Saturday: RHP Mike Pelfrey (4-1, 4.61 ERA) vs. RHP Josh Beckett (4-2, 5.85), 7:10 p.m. (MLB NETWORK, SNY, WFAN, WADO)

Sunday: RHP Tim Redding (0-0, 3.00 ERA) vs. RHP Tim Wakefield (5-2, 3.59), 7:10 p.m. (TBS, PIX11, WFAN, WADO)


RED SOX SHORT HOPSmets_logo.jpg

Left fielder Jason Bay, a free-agent-to-be next offseason, belted his 13th homer Thursday, in the first inning off Toronto’s Robert Ray, moving him within one of American League leader Carlos Pena. Bay’s last 11 longballs all have come with men on base, the longest streak by a Red Sox player in team history, topping 10 straight with bases occupied by Kevin Youkilis in 2008 and Tony Conigliaro in 1966. He can share the major-league record streak of 12 owned by Hank Aaron (1970) and Ken Griffey Jr. (1990) if his next homer comes with a teammate on base. Bay also has started every game this season, the lone Red Sox player who is 41-for-41. … Daisuke Matsuzaka will make his first start since April 14 on Friday opposite Johan Santana. His return moves Justin Masterson back to the bullpen. Matsuzaka had a 1.59 ERA in 11 2/3 innings over three rehab appearances with Triple-A Pawtucket. … Center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury extended his hitting streak to 16 games Thursday, the longest active streak in the majors. His career-high is 18, established last September. Ellsbury went to college with Mets Triple-A reliever Eddie Kunz at Oregon State. Ellsbury tied a major-league record and set a franchise record with 12 outfield putouts in a nine-inning game Wednesday against Toronto. … Youkilis, the cleanup hitter/Gold Glove first baseman, who was suffering from a strained left oblique, was activated from the disabled list Wednesday and promptly went 4-for-9 in two games to lift his average to .402. Youkilis had been 0-for-6 in two rehab games against Buffalo, the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate, and Red Sox manager Terry Francona suggested he “shook off the rust there.” Former Met farmhand Gil Velazquez was sent to Pawtucket to clear room. … David Ortiz snapped a 148 at-bat homerless drought when he went deep for the first time this season on Wednesday. Big Papi is hitting only .211 with 18 RBI in 142 at-bats in ’09. … Like the Mets minus Jose Reyes, the Red Sox also have struggled in the first at shortstop without Jed Lowrie, who had surgery on his left wrist a month ago. Sox shortstops Julio Lugo and Nick Green have combined for 12 errors, although at least they’re hitting .293 and .302, respectively. … The rich will get richer once John Smoltz joins the Red Sox next month. Smoltz, who had shoulder surgery last June, tossed three scoreless innings in a rehab game Thursday for Class A Greenville in Augusta, Ga. … Mark Kotsay, who suffered a calf injury while returning from back surgery, is scheduled to begin a rehab assignment Friday. … Knuckleball specialist Tim Wakefield limited Toronto to one run on five hits and two walks in eight innings in his most recent start, the lone damage coming on a solo homer by former Red Sox player Kevin Millar. … Like Francisco Rodriguez, Jonathan Papelbon is perfect in save opportunities (11-for-11). … The Red Sox are 16-4 in Boston and haven’t lost a series at Fenway Park since the season-opening home series against Tampa Bay.


Santana vs. Red Sox (lifetime, 4-4, 3.40):

Jason Varitek .444, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 18 AB
Jason Bay .400, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 5 AB
Dustin Pedroia .400, 1 RBI, 5 AB
Julio Lugo .182, 1 RBI, 22 AB
David Ortiz .182, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 11 AB
Rocco Baldelli .125, 3 RBI, 16 AB
Mike Lowell .100, 10 AB
Nick Green .000, 5 AB
J.D. Drew .000, 2 AB


Pelfrey vs. Red Sox (never faced)


Redding vs. Red Sox (lifetime, 0-2, 12.71):

Jason Varitek .667, 1 RBI, 3 AB
J.D. Drew .400, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 10 AB
Mike Lowell .333, 12 AB
Rocco Baldelli .333, 3 AB
Jason Bay .308, 1 RBI, 13 AB
David Ortiz .250, 3 RBI, 4 AB
Julio Lugo .000, 2 AB
Nick Green .000, 1 AB


Matsuzaka vs. Mets (never faced):

Gary Sheffield .545, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 11 AB
Jeremy Reed .000, 3 AB


Beckett vs. Mets (lifetime, 6-2, 2.50):

Ramon Martinez .750, 1 RBI, 4 AB
Ramon Castro .500, 4 AB
Fernando Tatis .333, 1 RBI, 3 AB
Gary Sheffield .231, 1 HR, 5 RBI, 13 AB
Carlos Beltran .182, 11 AB
Ryan Church .100, 10 AB
Jose Reyes .071, 1 RBI, 14 AB
David Wright .067, 15 AB
Luis Castillo .000, 4 AB
Jeremy Reed .000, 3 AB


Wakefield vs. Mets (lifetime, 2-3, 2.43):

Fernando Tatis 1.000, 1 RBI, 2 AB
Ramon Martinez .500, 4 AB
Luis Castillo .450, 3 RBI, 20 AB
Carlos Beltran .304, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 23 AB
Gary Sheffield .237, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 38 AB
Jeremy Reed .200, 10 AB

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35 thoughts on “Tonight’s Matchup”

  1. Matsuzaka vs. Mets (never faced):
    Gary Sheffield .545, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 11 AB
    Jeremy Reed .000, 3 AB

    Taking bets. Sheff sits and Reed starts and bats cleanup.

      1. Oh, I get it. It’s funny because someone made a post that pertains to the blog entry. Haha. That doesn’t happen at Metsblog.

        Anyone else feel like this is Gitmo and we have been banished here?

          1. That wasn’t meant to mean, this site is no good. Just feel like Matt rounded up all of us “problem children” and sent us away.

            All I know is, I’m keeping good company. We need to seriously strategize and grow this thing.

            1. Agreed.
              Funny thing is that I am guessing MOST of us are in the top 50 that he is suggesting. Just not people from the Core.

              1. Haha…hope you don’t feel like I was saying this site in itself feels like Gitmo bay. I just think it’s funny that we got kicked out.

              2. Nah, we’re part of “inclusive group of 30 or so readers mostly speak to and among themselves, often creating their own discussion, separate from the topic at hand.”

                1. My favorite part his “I’m Straight” entry was his illegible signature at the end. Couldn’t tell if it said Matt or #(@).

            2. I knew where you were going….
              Over at metsblog, I was always ‘cautious’ about what I posted – until the end there. He had a habit of banning those who criticized.

              Sometimes, ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’…

              This is a good site here the guys got up and running in a short period of time.

          1. How lame is a blog with no comments section? If I want news, I’ll go to and pay $7.99/month so the articles don’t get cut off at:

            “The Mets problems are pretty severe. I hear rumblings that they are about 24 hours away from pulling the trigger on a major deal that would bring….(subscribe to IN)”

  2. Yo Real, I think someone hijacked your site!

    Just kidding, nice job! The best things always happen when I’m sleeping.

    1. LOL, I hope not.
      But don’t make jokes about that. I was messing with Mr. Bill yesterday about hijacking and he got offended and has not been back.

      1. I don’t know factually one way or the other, but in my gut I don’t think he’s evil, I think he just had some fun and enjoyed the attention with his staunch anti-DWright persona and in his heart believed that some people just like David Wright too much. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time. But I will no longer mention the “h” word so as not to give anyone any ideas.

  3. I really prefer it with the time stamps on the posts, as MF4D said the other day, it helps to let you know if you might be having a conversation as opposed to responding to something that happened hours ago.

      1. This format is much better. Good job TRS and Dirty. I was going to comment on the time stamp, but I was being Spammed all day. Time stamp is a must.

    1. This is a blog. No room for conversations here. If convos are what you’re looking for, go to a “Message Board” (making quote signs with my fingers like Dr. Evil when he said “laser beam”).

  4. Had no idea Ellsbury went to Oregon State.

    I wonder if the Mets are playing the Matt Weiters card with F-Mart. They would never say it, but you gotta wonder. 2 for 4 yesterday with a double and a run scored. Avg is upto .293. He needs to come up while he’s hot.

    1. Problem is where do you play him? Unless Sheff is still down with food poisoning, I don’t want to bench Church for him.

          1. TRS, how much better is your life now that you don’t have to “approve” every one of my comments?

      1. I’m not saying to bench Church. This would be my lineup.

        Reyes – SS
        Castillo – 2B
        Beltran – CF
        Wright – 3B
        Church/Sheff – RF (Let’s face it, Sheff can’t play everyday)
        Murphy – 1B
        F-Mart – LF
        Castro/Santos – C

        1. I like the idea of Fmart coming up but I think Sheff is needed to keep them from walking DWright EVERY AB. I am just not sure with the offense struggling we need to be trying out a AAA guy? Who knows. He does not have good plate discipline so 7th may be a better spot for him.

            1. Yea, I just left out the pitcher stuff, because year after year we have the worst hitting pitchers. Yet, Tim Lincecum can close his eyes and come up with a big base hit against us.

          1. Believe me, I want Sheff getting ABs. I’m just thinking at this stage of his career, he physically can’t play everyday. He will get the usual soreness, etc. I don’t see any problem with Wright taking walks. This team isn’t a home run hitting team right now. It’s all about baserunners and singles/doubles.

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