Tonight’s Starting Lineup

Per Pope Mike:                                                                                                          crying_baby.jpg

1B  Murphy

RF  Church

CF Beltran

DH Sheffield

3B  Wright

LF  Reed

C  Santos

SS  Martinez

2B  Castillo


29 thoughts on “Tonight’s Starting Lineup”

  1. LMAOOOOOO that baby pic is great!!! im sure hes crying cause he saw ramon martinez in the lineup

  2. Is this really the starting lineup tonight? I’m not sure I have a clue what is going through Manuel’s head…ever.

    1. click my name i had a post a few days ago about it. The post is named
      “For the love of bobby v”

  3. TRS when you said this earlier: “Warning: Nothing we post will matter nor be right because Jerry the tinker Manuel will solve all.”

    You could not have been more right.

  4. I can’t stop looking at it. Is there a worse bottom half of a lineup than this? There are 2 career minor leaguers, a career bench player and Slappy McSlapster.

    LF Reed
    C Santos
    SS Martinez
    2B Castillo

    This is the Nat’s tonight minus the pitcher:

    Josh Willingham, lf
    Ronnie Belliard, cf
    Josh Bard, c
    Justin Maxwell, cf

    I think I would take that. I absolutely would take Belliard and Willingham right now. Except for Belliard’s tongue, that thing is all black and nasty and he won’t stop licking his lips.

    1. lol thats gross
      I hear ya..we are a black hole at the bottom of the lineup. The top part of the lineup is going to have to get it done..strike early and hopefully strike often..

    2. I agree with you Salty, if I read a boxscore later and see that any of those 4 Nats hit a homerun, it won’t be a surprise. When I’m watching the Met game tonight, if any one of their bottom 4 hits a homerun, I’ll go into shock.

  5. Can I say again how much I love this new Met site of ours? I’m having so much fun. The stories are clever, the graphics are great and the statistics are, well…accurate. Such a refreshing change. I didn’t realize how the attitude had been so much doom and gloom on the ‘other’ blog until I started reading your great posts.

    1. i was thinking the same thing today…im having a great time so far. Thanks to you guys that keep coming on here i think we got a good thing goin over here

    2. As a junior officer, second class, I hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries by saying thank you. I’m having a lot of fun, and I appreciate the leeway TRS and Dirty have given me, and hope that they’ll let me know if (OK, when) I go too far.

      1. .:: Drill SERGEANT voice ::.

        lol your doing great grave..that baby pic had me laughing at work for a good while

  6. What a lifeless lineup. There has to be a team willing to take Church of our hands. Get FMart up here, at least then the lineup has a little energy. This is almost independent league quality.

    1. i hear ya but i dont want that kind of pressure on that kid yet. He is only 20 and has missed some time already cause of injury..he needs consistant ab. With this manager..i dont know if he will get that.

  7. And they should have just put Reyes on the DL for 15 days. I know they said playing with the tendon problem won’t cause more damage but if he’s not going to play anyway, not DL’ing him leaves us a man short on the bench.
    I guess the mindset is there is no one worth bringing up anyway?

    1. i think you nailed it…i guess the only guy, well that jerry would want up would be Malo. Im sure omar realizes this too and is cranking some serious minutes on his black berry.

      1. LOL. Actually, Malo didn’t look too bad in spring training – when scrubs were playing before our regulars got back from WBC. He got a few timely hits in some of those games.
        I want to say I remember him playing a game at short where he botched a throw to home and cost us a run but it might have been someone else playing short….

        1. if there was a guy that would get the callup for the infield, i think its a split btwn awful reyes and malo..hopefully they make the RIGHT choice…

    1. I was a big fan of Easley. Just one of those guys who knew what his job was and tried real hard to get it done.

    2. MLBTR still has him listed as a 2009 free agent. Problem with Damion is he failed us too in late Sept. with injuries (hamstring, if I remember correctly) and that’s how we wound up with Martinez and A. Reyes.

      1. I read somewhere that he was still working out but was not going to much longer. Same boat, and trainer I think, as Frank Thomas.

  8. Dirty/TRS: I know I’m not the ‘pregame’ guy, but when I heard this astounding lineup on the radio I just had to post it. Pope Mike said “I’ll give you 5 guesses who’s leading off…nope,” so I grabbed a pen and wrote it down.

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