Game Thread: Mets (22-19) vs Red Sox (25-17)

Game Time: 7:10 pm  Game Temp: 80's
Game Time: 7:10 pm
Record:4-1 Era:4.61 K:11 BB:17 WHIP:1.54
Record:4-1 Era:4.61 K:11 BB:17 WHIP:1.54

Mets Notes:

  • The New York Mets overcame more troublesome fielding to end a season-high four-game losing streak in Friday night’s series opener against the Boston Red Sox.
  • The Mets (22-19) are one of the worst defensive teams in baseball with 35 errors, and David Wright has been the biggest culprit with seven after committing 16 all last season
  • Pelfrey, who has never faced Boston, has won his only two interleague starts with both coming on the road, but he’s given up 10 runs and 16 hits in 11 innings in those contests
  • Carlos Beltran, bothered by a bruised knee, has opted to DH rather than play center field Saturday night. That means David Wright at third base and Jeremy Reed in center field.


Daniel Murphy 1b

Angel Pagan RF

Carlos Beltran DH

Gary Sheffield LF

David Wright 3B

Jeremy Reed CF

Omir Santos C

Ramon Martinez(ugh) SS

Luis Castillo 2B

Record:4-2 Era:5.85 K:46 BB:23 WHIP:1.66
Record:4-2 Era:5.85 K:46 BB:23 WHIP:1.66

Red Sox Notes:

  • The Mets will attempt to beat Boston ace Josh Beckett for only the third time in 14 tries Saturday night when the teams play the middle game of their interleague set at Fenway Park.
  • The right-hander is 6-2 with a 2.50 ERA in 13 career starts against the Mets – all but one outing coming with NL East rival Florida. He hasn’t lost to them since pitching for the Marlins on April 15, 2005, and is 3-0 with a 2.70 ERA in four starts since. He last faced them at New York on June 28, 2006, leading the Red Sox to a 10-2 win.
  • Beckett has been solid of late, going 2-0 with a 3.79 ERA and 15 strikeouts in 19 innings over his last three starts. He’ll attempt to help Boston win for the fourth time in five games.
  • Beckett labored through a season-high 120 pitches over seven innings last Saturday, yielding three runs and four hits while striking out five, walking three and hitting another batter in a 5-3 win at Seattle


Jacoby Ellsbury CF

Dustin Pedroia 2B

David Ortiz DH

Kevin Youkilis 1B

Jason Bay LF

J.D. Drew RF

Mike Lowell 3B

Jason Varitek C

Nick Green SS


119 thoughts on “Game Thread: Mets (22-19) vs Red Sox (25-17)”

      1. Yanks got 3 in the 9th to win, off Lidge no less. 3rd blown save. ARod hit a 2 run HR to tie it, then Cano singled, stole 2nd, and was driven home by Melky for the winning run.

  1. YES! Sheff looking better and better. Keeping my fingers crossed he stays healthy for awhile. At least until we get Reyes back and Carlos and Church healthy.

  2. Allrite, I gotta get back to my lame Blog. I’ll check in later. Keep up the good work Dirty. Later MF4Decades.

    Go Mets!

  3. DIRTY,

    Site looks good man too bad I can’t say the same for Pelfrey right now 2-1 RedSox end of 1.
    Keep up the good work looking forward to reading your posts.

  4. hey im going out with the girlfriend, ill try to be back before the games done…lets go mets and enjoy!

  5. So Kevin B. had a conversation with Tatis about playing SS. Tatis says he’s very comfortable playing several different positions – corner OF, 3rd, 1st and he’s taken many ground balls at SS during workouts. Said he’s got no problem with the double play but he doesn’t think his range at SS is all that good to play SS. Said he’s just not that comfortable.

    To me? I’ll take the limited range if he can catch a routine ground ball to SS and make the throw to first. B/c Martinez doesn’t have great range either, he can’t throw to first or home, and he’s not that great at routine groundballs either.

    To me, it’s a no brainer…

  6. Hey, just plugged this site over on amazin avenue. Poster showed up over there announcing he’s a long time Met fan and poster on Metsblog but moved over to amazin avenue as a result of current state of metsblog. So I responded ‘same here’ and put a plug in for this new site.
    I have no idea if amazin avenue allows that. The post went thru but now I’ll probably be banned – lol.

    1. Got a response from The Slider over there giving a shout out. Hopefully we’ll get more of our favorite posters like him from metsblog come check out this site.

  7. Looks like I’m the only here right now – which is fine. I’ll just keep posting as I’m watching too. Some might be interested in the tidbits…

    Boston’s defense…..can we catch a break here? They’re making some incredible plays, especially that outfield.

  8. Pelf looked good after that first inning. Cruising through 6. Too bad our offense is nowhere to be found tonight.

  9. Hope that wasn’t our only chance there in the 7th.
    Men on 1st and 3rd with 1 out, Martinez strikes out, Luis hits a bullet right to CF for the third out.

    Beckett on his game so far tonight. Bah…..

      1. I agree. He should have pinch hit. He can’t possibly be worse than Martinez is at SS. –Although Ramon is holding his own tonight in the field….

  10. Yup. 6 Ks for Pelfry tonight. He’s looked real good – exactly what we were hoping for from him this year.

    Now get him a couple of runs!

  11. Wayne Hagin said the 7-8-9-1 hitters on the Mets are collectively 7 for their last 109 or something like that. That’s pretty pathetic when you consider that’s 4/9 of the entire line-up.

  12. One thing good about the DH is it allows Pelf to stay in that last inning. Without the DH, he’s pinch hit for, though maybe that would’ve been better after all!

  13. I had started writing the post game about the epic pitcher’s duel in which “after the first inning no runs were scored.”

    You’re welcome!

    1. Yup, Putz in. And I don’t understand why.

      Last thing I want to hear is so much as a hangnail for KRod.

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