Getting to the bottom of it..

Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR outlines the Jake Peavy tease trade to the White Sox

  • Peavy will make $15MM next year, $16MM in 2011 and $17MM in 2012. There’s a club option for $22MM in 2013, with a $4MM buyout.
  • The Padres want to move him because he’s expensive, but he has a full no-trade clause this year.
  • Peavy says he’s “not closing the door on anything” with the White Sox, according to Bernie Wilson of the AP.
  • Dave van Dyck of the Chicago Tribune says the White Sox are leaving the deal on the table in case Peavy changes his mind.
  • Peavy sounds open to the possibility of being traded, hinting that he’d consider moving to another city.
  • Cities in “Middle America” are more appealing to Peavy, as’s Jon Heyman reported yesterday. Also, he prefers the National League.
  • As’s Buster Olney reports, the Cubs still have interest in Peavy.
  • Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune suggests that the Cubs could pursue Peavy if their ownership transition progresses before the end of July.
  • For what it’s worth, Peavy praised Cubs fans and the organization

I think peavy will get moved EVENTUALLY..I just have no idea to who. He has a MASSIVE contract so i can understand the padres want to move him…but he is a hellova pitcher too. This saga is interesting as Peavy wants to stay in the National League and with that no trade clause, he can very well get his wish. I shiver to think of a cubs roation of Zambrano/Peavy/Harden/Lilly/Marshall or Dempster……and im sure most of the National League feels the same way.


3 thoughts on “Getting to the bottom of it..”

  1. IMO everything Peavy does is to get himself to the Cubs. The Cubs seem to know this so they don’t offer up “too much.” Peavy would IMO knock Marshall out of their rotation (at least until Harden’s inevitable trip to the DL) and would make any series against the Cubs a nightmare to contemplate.

  2. I shiver to think of a cubs roation of Zambrano/Peavy/Harden/Lilly/Marshall or Dempster.
    Yikes! Agreed.

    Anyone else think these GMs are going to start to get cautious about these no trade clauses they’ve been giving out? There starting to become a nightmare for some…

    1. I imagine the GMs will get cautious, and it will be interesting to see who blinks first in future negotiations.

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