Playing tonight: TBD


I used to receive ‘upcoming events’ flyers from various bars, clubs and other establishments of adult fun, and many days of the month on the calendar were filled with three letters:  TBD, or To Be Determined.  My memory of that was spurred by the Daily News’ Adam Rubin blog entry from this afternoon regarding tonight’s Met starting lineup.  There are two of them, depending on the health of Jose Reyes Carlos Beltran.

Murphy, 1b
Pagan, rf
Beltran, cf/dh
Sheffield, lf
Wright, dh/3b
Tatis, 3b or Reed, cf
Santos, c
Martinez, ss
Castillo, 2b



9 thoughts on “Playing tonight: TBD”

  1. These graphics that go along with these posts are just great.

    Just heard on WFAN they said there was a chance Church would be in a lineup, depending on his BP session before the game. Either way, him or Pagan is O.K. Church has probably got the better arm but with his slump lately and a couple of timely hits from Pagan since he’s been called up, for right now it’s probably 6 one, half dozen of the other. I’d like to see Church for 2 weeks or so in RF, see what he can do with the bat if he’s in the lineup steadily.

    Also…just thinking about this. Everyone is commenting on Sheff playing LF for the most part now and how long we can depend on him being he’s 40. Isn’t it ironic that going into last season we were going with a 41 year old as our starting left fielder who was a very good hitter, but had a long history of injuries?
    What a difference a year makes….

      1. Ha! Looks good on Firefox. But really, it’s up to you. I love all these graphics. I thinks that’s the one big difference between this blog and the other. The posts are not only insightful, but on the lighthearted side as well and the graphics add to that.

          1. hahahaha – Thanks!

            And on a side note – never thought I’d be saying this but do you think the Yankees can get a couple of runs here? I’m mean it was Happ, for crying out loud…..

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