Sports talk radio


Perhaps my first mistake today, or at least my second mistake after getting out of bed, was tuning my radio dial to WFAN 660 AM in New York.

The Mets are the hot topic on their flagship station, and caller after caller is expressing the opinion that Omar Minaya is ‘to blame’ and specifically he is ‘to blame’ for the fact that Ramon “The Error Machine” Martinez is starting at SS for the Mets.

When hosts such as Adam “The Bull” Gerstenhaber or Steve “The Schmooze” Somers point out that both Jose Reyes and Alex Cora are, unfortunately, injured simultaneously, these callers all have the same response:  ‘he (Omar) should have got a back up to the back up.’


My questions for you oh vast reading audience are these:

  1. Are these callers sane, rational human beings?
  2. Do they actually follow the sport called Major League Baseball?
  3. Can they tell me who the back up to the back up should be?
  4. Do they know who the back up to the back up is on the other 29 teams?
  5. A. Are they familiar with the name Cody Ransom, and B. is he considered a back up or a back up to the back up?

Thank you, I feel much better.



7 thoughts on “Sports talk radio”

  1. LMAOOOO grave you are awesome buddy lollll
    i have no idea why met fans listen to that garbage…

  2. dude, i heard the same stuff…thursday night was horrendous
    today wasn’t much better

    hey guys, i’m back from Boston….still waiting on the slow internet DNS..but i’m ready to get the new site up and running, got some nice pics for the blog too!

  3. Good stuff! I heard some of those fans this morning calling in on Steve’s show. One kid said he was 21 and was going on and on. It’s that ‘instant gratification’ mindset some youth have. Don’t want to wait for anything – buy now, pay later. Go out and buy however many players it will take.

    My opinion: I think they should just DL Reyes and bring up Rubin Tajeda(?) If they still don’t want to DL Reyes then send Martinez back down and call up Tajeda. Yeah, I know he’s batting like .230 right now but at this point, how many games have we lost, how many will we lose b/c of defense as opposed to hitting? It’s not like Ramon is a hitting machine and Rubin is far better defensively……

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