The Lesser of Two Evils

Early in the game, Gary, Keith and Ron or GKR (The cool kids say GKR) discussed who they would root for between the Yankees and Phillies series this weekend.  Gary without hesitation stated the Phillies, citing his and most Mets fans hatred towards the Yankees.  He also added it’s still relatively early in the season to be scoreboard/standings watching.  Though I understand his rationale behind this, I still made the face of a kid sucking on a sour patch.

 yankee_fan-739206Look, I hate the Yankees as much as the next guy, in fact I have an extra zip to my step whenever they lose and the Mets win, but there’s no way you can root for the Phillies in this match-up.  Have we not learned anything from the last 2 yrs?  Every game matters!  The Mets missed out on the playoffs in 2007 and 2008 by losing on the last day of the season.  They missed out because of ONE game!  Now I wont be making plans for the 2010 season because Philly beat the Yanks tonight (7-3) but I most certainly want the Yankees to give the Phillies as many losses as possible.


 phillies%20fanAs far as hatred goes, I’m split.  I live in Flushing, obviously Mets Country, but also work in downtown Manhattan surrounded by obnoxious, douchebag Yankees fans.  I hate them because of their sense of entitlement and the fact that they, for the most part, buy their championships.  The Phillies on the other hand, I hate for obvious reasons.  Hate is such a strong word so let me retract that.  How bout loathe.  Their inferiority complex towards the Mets and New York is undeniable (ex: Calling out the Mets after winning the World Series).  Their fans are also the ugliest in the game.  Literally and figuratively.  There was a report last year that had Philly as having the “ugliest” inhabitants in the US.  (Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.)  There was also a 20/20 report on how lousy and downright low class the fans of Philadelphia teams were.  Going to a Mets/Phillies game in April 2008 backed up that theory along with getting into a confrontation with a couple of Phillies fans in a bar.

Gary Cohen, I think you’re a great Mets broadcaster.  You’re smart, witty and a real Mets fan, but wanting the Phillies to beat the Yankees?  C’moooon, maaaaaan!


4 thoughts on “The Lesser of Two Evils”

  1. I agree. Life long Yankee hater here but now I think I ‘loathe’ the Phillies even more. Just had this debate with my Dad last night during the game. He’s an old time Dodger fan, life long Yankee hater and Met fan since 1962, which explains my allegiance. He said he gets the rationale of wanting the Phills to lose but he just couldn’t bring himself to root for the Yankees this weekend. I tried to debate that with logic telling him it means more for us at this point if the Phills lose. He was having none of it. Finally said well, O.K., don’t root for the Yankees to win, just pull for the Phills to lose – lol.

    In 1960, he had a neighbor who was a big Yankee fan. After Mazeroski hit that home run, he sneaked onto the neighbors front yard, stuck a homemade skull and cross bone figure on a cross and set fire to it to signify the Yankees are poison and dead – hahahaha. The neighbor could never prove who did it but the neighborhood knew….

    1. Hahahaha.. Your father is the man. I can understand your pap and Gary’s hatred for the Yankees and not wanting them to win but that means you want Philly, our REAL rival to win. Meaning they would be happy if the Phils swept the Yanks? Being a fan who saw the last game of the last two years be the deciding factor of a playoff birth, theres no way I can justify that type of thinking.

  2. Practical and logical thinking (in my opinion) suggests that a Met fan should root for the Yankees this weekend. But there is an undeniable emotional content to fandom of any sport, and sometimes it gets in the way of logic.

    I agree that hate is too strong a word, at least in these PC times, and I don’t really hate either team. Some of their fans on the other hand…as you said, with the Yankee fans my #1 reason to dislike them is exactly that sense of entitlement. One of my best friends is a lifelong Yankee fan, he is a kind, generous and spiritual family man, married his first love, dotes on his kids, but when discussing the Yankees he is “world series or bust” and I find it hard to believe he is the same person.

    To me it’s more important for the Phillies to lose games this weekend than it is for the Yankees to do so, but my bottom line: if in one of the two remaining Phils-Yanks games, they could go about 25 innings, wasting both teams pitching staffs completely, that would make me smile.

  3. imo…
    I lived in NY(born in Brooklyn, moved to LI), i fought with yankee fans my WHOLE life. I would “root” for either one, but if i had my preference, i would go with the yankees hands down. The last few years whittled down my obsession to see the yanks fail and i turned my attention to games that really matter…the people in our division. Lets be honest..we are the walking wounded right now, ANY help we can get to slow the phills down should be welcomed and accepted…even if its from the yanks. Like my article yesterday both teams would benefit from kicking the crap out of their respective rivals..

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