Uh oh! KRod ‘collapses’ in pain from back spasms.


According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Francisco Rodriguez is out indefinitely due to lower back spasms.
K-Rod collapsed outside the clubhouse from the pain and was seen tearing up as a stretcher was called for. He has taken on a hefty workload in New York this season and it’s obviously affecting him physically. J.J. Putz picked up his second save Saturday night and is likely to fill in should there be a save situation over the next few days. If Rodriguez requires a stint on the disabled list, Putz would obviously take on a ton of value. May. 23 – 10:34 pm et
Source: New York Post




11 thoughts on “Uh oh! KRod ‘collapses’ in pain from back spasms.”

  1. The bottom right pic says it all.

    Frankie interviewed on SportsNight in the locker room. I didn’t catch the first few seconds but he was taken to the hospital after the game. Quotes from that interview on Rubin’s blog:

    “I’ve never experienced some pain like the way that I have right now,” K-Rod said. “I’ve been struggling even to walk. Tomorrow is another day. We’ll see how my body responds for tomorrow.

    “The first time I had that,” he continued. “It came out of nowhere. I was getting my running in. I stopped in the middle of the way because I felt my back tighten up on me. I came in here to get some treatment. The chiropractor tried to make some adjustments, and it made it a lot worse. It got to the point that I was on the table for like an hour and I couldn’t even move. It’s been a really tough day.

    “We’ll see how the back responds tomorrow,” he said. “Otherwise we’ll get some shot or whatever will make it a lot better, because right now it’s real painful.”

      1. I’ve never been to a sports doctor as my problem isn’t sports related but as far as I know, shots won’t help that. It’s a matter of muscles relaxers, rest and waiting it out. Could be an isolated incident but most of the time it’s signifying an underlying problem starting or going on. And that could be any number of things.

        Cortisone shots and/or nerve blocks are really used for nerve problems, I believe, not muscles problems.

  2. Quick, get the biggest jar of Icy Hot you can find!


    I’m not kidding why are you still reading this?

  3. What’s going on with the Mets players? I may be in better shape than some of them and I’m 66 years old. If El-Duque and Pedro were still on the team they might be the healthiest of the players. 🙂

  4. Let’s hope a few days of rest will help KRod. Maybe 2 long coast to coast flights aggravated things. Can you believe a rousing win like tonite can not even be fully enjoyed because of this?

    (I have to go back to working on my blog now. Oh, and I’ll be interviewed tomorrow morning on an Alaskan AM radio station if you want to hear me.)

  5. I think rest for a week will do the trick. After that we’ll see KRod and Putz as a tag team for the closer role. We all know KRod is a gamer but going out there 4 nights in a row wasnt the best move. Hindsight is 20/20 though..

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