A Pair Of Stunners


On saturday night, both NY teams came back to beat some of the most dominant closers in the game. For the Yanks they had to do battle against Brad Lidge. Brad has not had the same success as last year but the guy is still lights out(for the most part). Brad was 8/9 in save opps going into the Yankee game and was given a 2 run lead to protect. Arod had  something to say about that and greated him with his second blown save of the year by slamming a 2 run homerun at Yankee Stadium(shocker). Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera put the final nail in the coffin to complete the comeback with a walk of single by the milk man. A little bit up north, the Mets were faced with a simliar challenge. Their challenge..The Pap. Now Papelbon was a perfect 11/11 in saves opps going into the Met game and was asked to hold a 1 run lead…obviously nobody told Omir this ;p. In the bottom of the ninth, Gary got himself on base(as usual) via walk. Two outs later, Omir steps up to the plate and hits a (reviewed) HR off the green monster that put the Mets up by 1. JJ came in and closed the door. I guess for one night only at least, the Mets and Yanks can find a common ground and work together to get the job done. Papelbon was quoted as saying that he loves interleague play..wonder if he loves it now as the Mets are the only team so far to hand Pap a blown save. A shout out also goes to Joe Maddon for just kicking the crap out of the Marlins this weekend.


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